Will The Uvlizer Lamp Disinfect Your Home: Don’t Buy Before Reading This

Did you come across countless ads promoting the Uvlizer lamp? Each making bold claims of eliminating germs without the regular chemicals you’re used to. Is Uvlizer legit? Can Uvlizer kill bugs? Does it really work?

Following the bold claims on social media, I did my research and tested this device myself, this review will reveal the pros and cons and whether this device truly lives up to the hype or not.

What Is Uvlizer

Uvlizer is a device that claims to use UV light to clean surfaces without using chemicals. It emits a specific type of UV light that kills germs and purifies the air around it.

Uvlizer claims

  1. To kill 99.9 per cent of viruses or bacteria
  2. Can disinfect your whole room.
  3. Can sanitize in seconds
  4. Makes use of 38W of ultraviolet light


When I spotted the UVlizer video on Facebook, I wasn’t sure if the description was accurate, but I decided to give it a shot and ordered it from their official website. It took about 2 weeks to arrive, but when it did, I noticed that the box wasn’t wrapped properly, it came with a remote control, USB cord and timer settings.

Unfortunately, the product didn’t work as expected. It sparked, then smoked, and eventually stopped working altogether. When I reached out to return it, they asked me to provide pictures, a video, and proof of purchase before they would process the return. It’s frustrating because they won’t accept the return without all this documentation.

Where To Buy

You can buy Uvlizer from Amazon, from their official website getuvlizer.com. The price for one is 99.95.

Does The Uvlizer Work

Not exactly, This product hasn’t undergone any research, testing, or certification. It’s essentially a standard Chinese product with a “Uvlizer” label slapped on it, and they’re charging you four times its actual value. UV-C light which is a key feature in Uvlizer is fantastic at killing germs, but you need the right amount depending on the size of the room you want to clean. So, if you’re trying to disinfect a whole room, you’ll need a specific dose or strength of UV light. However, devices like the Uvlizer lamp can’t produce nearly enough UV-C light to effectively disinfect a whole room. If you want to see what real UV-C devices that can zap germs from an entire room look like, take a look at these examples.

Plus, you likely won’t find those available for purchase because they’re super strong and need to be handled by experts. They’re usually sold to hospitals and businesses, not to regular people like us.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

There are lots of customer reviews and complaints on Trustpilot, Reddit, BBB and other review websites who like the Uvlizer. While most customers appear to be impressed we discovered that most of the reviews are fake. Here are some of the reviews you’ll see online:

I purchased one Uvlizer tower months ago. I have a dust mite allergy but by a regular program of dusting/vacuuming I thought I had it somewhat under control. One day a few weeks ago I decided to pull the Uvlizer (still in its shipping materials) out of the closet and give it a try. The results were amazing. Not only did my principle symptoms subside, other symptoms that I never realized were connected to the allergy also improved noticeably. No sneezing fits, no runny nose after breakfast and most importantly, no more pressure or “popping’ of my Eustachian tubes. A complete win. Now in addition to regular housework, I run my lamp once a week and I feel “Born Again”.

I am a registered nurse and I understand the importance of a product that disinfects a room. I feel very fortunate to have two of these in my home. This product gives me peace of mind that it even kills mold and influenza. Great product besides cleaners in my personal arsenal!!!

The unit stops working within weeks of operation. Customer Service is a Joke ! The phone number is always “Mailbox full” the E mail keeps getting kicked back. (Yes, I realize it is a dot co) Not com.
This is my second unit that has stopped working. 
They wanted me to take a video of the unit not working.


  1. Easy to carry around and use
  2. Kills germs without using chemicals
  3. It’s simple to operate


  1. Doesn’t cover large areas for disinfection
  2. Does not work as advertised
  3. Lots of customer complaints
  4. The product is from China

What You Must Know Before Buying

Delayed Delivery and Lack of Support

Uvlizer ships its products from China, so it’s unlikely they can deliver within the promised 7-9 days in the US. There are customer complaints that the company are not true to their delivery timeline. A customer ordered the product in December but still hasn’t gotten it by January. The tracking info is nowhere to be found, and when you try to contact customer service, all you get are automated responses.

Missing Bulbs and Ignored Support

Most customers who receive the product complain of essential parts missing like the bulbs. When they tried reaching out to customer support they were left with automated emails.

Fake Reviews

Fake positive reviews are rampant on Uvlizer’s website, and many customers are unhappy with the product’s low quality. Uvlizer seems to employ virtual assistants to down-vote negative comments and create fake positive reviews. They even go as far as attacking negative reviewers on YouTube. Keep an eye out for reviewers from the Philippines, as many of them may be part of this scheme.

Do We Recommend Uvlizer

No, The Uvlizer lamp is a small gadget that claims to use very little power to disinfect your surrounding or an entire room. I posted on their FB page and asked them for their lab test reports that have demonstrated the device to eliminate viruses from entire rooms. But instead of replying they just deleted my post. Hospitals spend tens of thousands of dollars on UV devices that have undergone rigorous testing and certification before being approved for use. And those glowing 5-star reviews? They’re likely fake because no product is perfect, even ones from big companies like Apple.

To really clean a 250-square-foot room, you’d need a strong UV device like this. It can cover a big area and get rid of germs effectively. On the other hand, the Uvlizer is much weaker at only 38 watts, so it can probably only clean around 14 square feet. That’s not even enough to cover the surface area of an average queen-size bed, let alone an entire room or office.

All it will do is give you a fake sense of safety which can very well prove to be fatal.

Final Verdict

Uvlizer is not a legit product it’s best to avoid it totally and opt for an air purifier instead. If you do buy the product, there are important cautions you need to take which is to protect your eyes and skin from UV light exposure when the product is on. Also, don’t enter the room during disinfection, and ensure no people, animals, or plants are present to prevent damage from UV radiation.

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