How I Tested Prose Custom Hair Shampoo And Conditioner For 2 Weeks: An Unbiased Review

Are you on the hunt for a new shampoo/ conditioner combo and want to try prose?. I’ve been served ads in Instagram for Prose for awhile now and I’m curious if the hype is real. I love the idea of a customized formula but wondering if it makes a difference.

Does Prose hair Shampoo contain any other effective ingredients? Does it contain any harmful ingredients? And how do real users rate this shampoo and describe its effects?

We’ll discuss why we’re skeptical about Prose hair claims and raise some concerns about the way the brand markets its products. Finally, we’ll provide unbiased reviews from actual users who haven’t been sponsored to share their experiences with Prose. For the review, we will talk about the shampoo and conditioner.

About Prose Custom Hair Care

Prose is a special haircare brand that makes products just for your hair problems. Before you get your products, you answer some questions about your hair. They want to know everything – like how it feels and where you live.Then, based on your answers, they create custom products just for you.

Prose has more than just shampoo and conditioner. They also have other things like styling gel, curl cream, dry shampoo, masks you put on before washing your hair, hair oil, leave-in conditioner, and special supplements for your scalp.


Prose does not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and GMOs. 


Professional silicone, fermented rice water, argan, sacha yushi and jojoba oils, plant collagen, lilac, and hyaluronic acid.

How I Tested Prose Custom Shampoo And Conditioner

I have thin, very fine, straight hair. My hair gets super staticky in winter so I need products that are very moisturizing but also volumizing.

Here are the things I wanted to improve with my Prose subscription: controlling oil, adding shine, boosting volume, and keeping my hair moisturized.

Prose also considered some environmental factors based on where I live, like UV protection, humidity, water quality, pollution, and wind. I’m not sure how much they actually consider these factors, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

I received my first order after 5 days. I loved the scent and how my hair looked and felt. However, as the weather cooled down, I noticed my hair felt too conditioned and lacked volume. I also experienced increased shedding, which made me feel uneasy, even though I didn’t notice any bald spots.

Overall, while the product worked well initially, it didn’t seem to adjust to the changing weather conditions or address my concerns about shedding. As my hair felt flat and limp, especially in the drier winter months, I couldn’t help but wonder if the formula wasn’t truly customized based on my location and seasonal needs.


  1. Helps your hair to feel clean and light, without any leftover residue from the products.
  2. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming,
  3. Helps your scalp to feel and look healthier.
  4. The amount of product in each bottle seems generous, which means it lasts a while for me.


  1. Makes the hair become more frizzier
  2. Causes more shedding on the long run
  3. I’ve noticed a significant increase in shedding compared to before, which is concerning.
  4. I’m experiencing more breakage when brushing, even when being gentle.
  5. It is pricey

Does Prose hair Shampoo And Conditioner Work

Yes it works. Many customers have shared their thoughts about Prose on Reddit and the brands official website. Some of them said the shampoo helps them wash their hair less often without it getting greasy.

However, some other people mention that the good effects on their hair don’t last long before it goes back to its original state. In my case, the product worked well initially but it didn’t adjust to the changing weather conditions or address my concerns about shedding.

Is Prose Worth It

It’s expensive, and I’m not sure it’s good enough to justify the cost but for me it wasn’t worth the price, it worked about as well as anything else from the drugstore. However, If you’re thinking about trying something new for your hair, this brand is a safe bet to experiment with.

How Much Does It Cost

You can buy prose hair from, Amazon and other online retail websites. The price is $25 each (8.5 ounces), $50 for both.

Real Customers Try Prose

The customer reviews on Reddit are mixed concerning this product and what it offers, lots of customer complaints are about shedding and hair loss, more frizz hair and the product not living up to the hype.

Enjoying the refresh of my hair. At 58 I needed to change up something. The curl cream is a game changer for my newly curly hair (due to the lovely grey hairs) and I like the easy of using the website and giving feedback for possible changes to the formulation to fine tune hair products to my needs. I have since subscribed to keep using the product.

The Anti-frizz line? Not as much. It works all right, but does fewer favors for my hair than the hydrate line. I also felt the need to use a shampoo with sulfates more frequently (every 2 weeks vs every 3 or 4).

I used to have to wash my hair multiple times before it would feel clean and now it’s only once. I also could only go 4 days before my hair was visibly oily and flat, even with dry shampoo. I have been going an entire 7 days and only needing the dry shampoo on the 6th day. And could probably go even longer! I love how much time and product I’m saving now.

What Is The Prose Lawsuit All About

Prose is being taken to court by some customers who say the shampoo they bought made their hair fall out, caused bald patches, and made their scalps itchy. The company has big investors behind it. Now, they’re fighting back in court against these claims.

Would We Buy Again: Final Words

Yes we would although the shampoo and conditioner didn’t seem to harm my hair but it definitely didn’t help it at all either. It might depend what you choose for your formula because mine was supposed to help with dry/flaky scalp, volume and curl but it literally didn’t help with any of those. Definitely better than drugstore products but way over priced for the quality/amount offered. You’ll get much better and more affordable salon quality products.

Alternatively you can try Verb Ghost, Super Nature Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner

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