Unpree Teeth Mouthwash Review – read this before trying!

Unpree Teeth Mouthwash is gaining traction lately. This dental product claims to treat a wide range of oral problems, eliminate 99.9% bacteria and also whiten the teeth.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work as the advertisement suggests.

In this review, we’ll be analyzing Unpree Teeth Mouthwash ingredients, claims, and exposing a can of worms hidden from the eyes of buyers.

A Close Look at Unpree Teeth Mouthwash

Unpree Teeth Mouth Wash which comes in a transparent spray bottle is said to get rid of bad breath, plaque, tartar, toothaches, and decay. It even suggests it could help repair enamel, promote the growth of new dentin, and possibly help lost teeth to regrow. There’s also a claim of teeth whitening.

Analyzing Its Ingredients

The ingredients mentioned by the various websites promoting this mouthwash are; Garlic Extract, Gallo Japonica, Triphala, German Chamomile, Propolis, and menthol.

However, when we look at the various benefits of these ingredients, they do not really solve all oral problems as claimed. They are mostly bacteria fighting ingredients.

No ingredient or product can restore decayed tooth. Once a tooth has decayed, to the point it has a hole in it, there is no natural product that can restore the tooth.

In its claim of treating calculus, no liquid, paste or foam can remove calculus. It can only be removed with specialist ultrasonic scalers that dental professionals are specially trained in using.

In regards to toothache, you have to determine the cause. No mouthwash can do this.

Before & After Pictures

The websites selling this mouthwash display pictures of a brownish yellow teeth which later turned sparkling white. However, the images are too good to be true.

In reality, Unpree Teeth Mouthwash doesn’t really whiten the teeth. This mouthwash was formerly sold under the name ‘Teethaid’. As can be seen from the comments on our 2021 Teethaid review, majority of users stated boldy that it doesn’t live up to its hype.

They couldn’t see any results after weeks of using the mouthwash.

Is Unpree Teeth Mouth Wash Approved by American Dental Association?

No, it isn’t. The mouthwash lacks the seal of ADA acceptance. Meanwhile, when we browsed through ADA online database of approved products, Unpree Teeth Mouthwash wasn’t listed.

Does Unpree Teeth Mouthwash Really Work?

No this mouthwash does not work as advertised. The claims of regrowing tooth, treating tooth decay, resolving toothache, and curing calculus are false.

Unless you’ve got specific problems like bad breath, spending money on this mouthwash is not worth it. It doesn’t actually treat serious dental problems or decay it acts more like a temporary fix for bad breath and cant replace the basics like brushing and flossing.

Final Thoughts

Unpree Mouthwash might help freshen your breath for a little while and keep your mouth healthy, it’s not very likely to completely get rid of things like tartar, calculus, or cavities. It’s more about maintaining oral health and giving you a quick fix for bad breath, rather than solving serious dental issues.

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