Teethaid – Is This Mouthwash a Scam? Dentist Review (2023)

Are you suffering from teeth plague, calculus or tartar? Do you want to buy Teethaid mouthwash? Read this review to find out the pros and cons of this teeth cleaner.

Does Teethaid really work? Is there any side effects of using it or is it totally safe? Do dentists/ Orthodontist approve of this mouthwash?

This Review answers your questions. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Teethaid Mouthwash – Is It Worth Your Money?

Teethaid is an all in one mouthwash that allegedly gets rid of all kinds of dental problems. It is said to eliminate bad breath, tooth plaque & tartar, toothache, and cavities. According to the product description, it can also restore tooth enamel, stimulate the formation of restorative dentin , and stimulate the regeneration of lost teeth.

The product has the following ingredients- Garlic Extract, Galla japonica, Triphala, German chamomile, Propolis & Menthol.

Sounds interesting right? However I doubt if the ingredients listed in the bottle are actually inside the mouthwash.

Is Teethaid Mouthwash a Scam?

My problem with Teethaid mouthwash is that it claims to solve all kinds of oral problems. This can’t be true. First of all, mouthwash isn’t a magic cure. Unless you suffer from cavities, gingivitis, or bad breath, this mouthwash may not be worth it. It does not actually cure dental disease, bad breath, or tooth decay. Teethaid mouthwash only works to promote dental health or simply mask bad breath. Meanwhile, it isn’t an adequate replacement for brushing teeth or flossing.

Secondly, the before and after images of users are fake. A reverse image search showed that the pictures have been used by numerous dental products. You can see the results below –

Meanwhile, there’s also a possibility of it damaging teeth. Aside from alcohol, studies also show that commercially available mouthwashes have low PH level or are highly acidic with acid levels that are almost the same as your household vinegar. This compounds the deleterious effect of the alcohol in your mouthwash by hastening the erosion of your tooth enamel.

How To Use Teethaid Mouthwash

  • A minute at a time: You should gargle and swish for at least 60 seconds. Most of the chemicals found in mouthwash won’t activate in under a minute.
  • Brush and floss: Use Teethaid mouthwash alongside other brushing and flossing. Remember that mouthwash gives your oral health a boost. It’s not a cure for problems.


Teethaid Mouthwash does not really eliminate all oral problems. It can mask bad breath & promote dental health, but the chances of it getting rid of tartar, calculus and cavities is pretty slim.

Have you used Teethaid? Did it really work for you? Please share your experiences in the comment section.


  1. Who is behind this product? Is it made in the U.S.? If so, how can they lie and get away with such false advertising??

    1. Ja trombley

      Ik vond het ook een wonders als je tanden zo snel wit worden.
      Dan neemtheel Nederland zo.n flesje.
      Geld kloppers.

  2. hey! nice article! How do I get in touch with you regarding more leads for stories?!? There are TONS of Facebook scams going on right now and people need to be aware of them and the various strategies being employed so they are not duped!!!

  3. I want to let you know that all though I know it will regrow teeth, it does help your teeth. There is no alcohol or heavy taste. I had severe plaque on the back of my bottom teeth. I brush regularly but still have this problem. I used this for a week and it is almost gone. I also jave a very bad tooth that usually hurts. This keeps the pain at bay. Not sure what else may happen but I can keep you posted. I think what you do is terrific and thank you for what you do!!

    1. I have found this product good for removing stains. All the toothpastes I have tried have not removed stains and this has. I’m a smoker and I drink a lot of very strong tea. My friends have even noticed that my teeth are looking whiter and I have only used it for four days now, twice a day.
      I will state that if you put to much in ur mouth, it does burn a little.

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