Unbelievable Washer Can It Clean Both Cars And Concrete? We Put It To Test

The Unbelievable Washer claims to be a pressure attachment that fights all the dirt on your car, boat, garden etc. But does it work?

I’ve had experience with various gas-powered pressure washers before, and while they got the job done, they needed frequent upkeep and storing gasoline was a hassle. Plus, the gas fumes weren’t my favorite, often giving me headaches. So, when I got the chance to test out the Unbelievable washer, I was intrigued but also a bit skeptical.

About Unbelievable Washer

Unbelievable is a pressure washer attachment that fits onto any regular garden hose. The manufacturers claim this hose has super strong water power that can easily clean up grime, dirt, and moss from everywhere, like sidewalks, concrete, soft ground, and even wooden and grassy areas in your garden.


  1. It is way stronger than regular garden hoses.
  2. Blasts away dirt, grime, moss, and mold super fast.
  3. Fits your regular garden hose.
  4. Helps you save money on expensive pressure washers

What type of assembly is required for the Unbelievable Washer

Unscrew your regular garden hose attachment

2) Place the hose connector onto the UnbelievableWasher™
3) Tighten the hose connector set 

Buying From Unbelievable Washer.co.uk

I fell for this on fb. It took over a month to arrive after I ordered from unbelivablewasher.co.uk
and when It finally arrived. It doesn’t do anything like what is shown in their ad’s. The video they show is pure fiction. 

The plastic screw in attachment does not fit properly and leakeed like a fountain. I had to purchase my own brass screw in attachment and seal wit with plumbing tape to make it seal properly. Have emailed 3 times, detailing the issues and asking for full refund, as was stated in their advertising. Replies received were brief, generic and completely off the mark. There was no user error, just a very misrepresented piece of equipment, nothing remotely like promoted. I am hoping a refund can be effected through PayPal.

Reasons To Buy

  • Multipurpose washer
  • Love the design

Reasons To Avoid

  • Does not work
  • The parts are a bit flimsy
  • It’s only available on their official website
  • It is expensive

Does Unbelievable Washer Work

No, it does not work. It does not have the high pressure advertised and the connections are flimsy and practically leaks everywhere. Moreover there are lots of complaints that the product didn’t work as advertised for other customers.

Victim Testimonials

Customers who tested the unbelievable washer including me did not like the outcome. It turned out to be a complete waste of time and money.

The product is completely useless, when you ask for a refund they demand you send it back to London which is more than half the cost of the product. It was shipped to me from NSW I still have the original packaging. I lodged a complaint with PayPal and they still insist I have to return to London for a refund. Not fit for purpose under Australian Law but can’t get my money back at this point. They block all comments on their
Facebook groups and any reviews you see in their ads are false.

Black plastic hose connector does not sit properly on the washer rod once tightened. When you turn the tap on, water goes everywhere except the front. I sent an email asking for a refund, but like the others on here, they will not give a refund because the item is now used, even though their website say “Try it 100% Risk Free”. Will be reporting it ACCC.

Where To Buy

You can only buy this product from their official website unbelievablewasher.co.uk as at the time of writing this review. The price is 69.95.

How Well Does Unbelievable Washer Clean?

Following the customer complaints on Trustpilot and several reviews websites. We investigated the claims surrounding this power hose and found out it does not clean as advertised. The advertising for this product clearly shows them using a very different product and one that is clearly a powered compressor washer, not some cheap hose clip on device

Do They Offer Refunds

No, Their ad states a Money back guarantee but when you request for refund, they clearly state “we are unable to accept returns for used items due to hygiene reasons”. If you send it back, the cost will be greater than the item itself.

Should You Buy? Our Honest Opinion

No, The product does not work. The advertising promised so much, but the reality was a poorly designed, cheap and nasty hose attachment, that firstly, would not connect properly because the thread was useless. There are similar products highly recommended in 2024 sold on Aldi for only $20 not $70.

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