Text Authorized by Craig Kelly – Real or Fake Info?

Does the COVID 19 have adverse effects? is the information from Controversial Australia MP Craig Kelly real or fake? Read this to find out what others are saying about the UAPGA Text.

Break Down:

Craig Kelly has been sending out unsolicited text with a link to “uaptga info” showing a report listing the adverse reaction of the COVID-19 vaccine. The text has left lots of Australians pissed, as it is clearly a case of invasion of privacy. Many want to know how the political party got their mobile number. Others have accused Craig Kelly of promoting vaccine hesitancy amid growing case numbers.

Too many questions and not enough answers. Who do we/don’t we believe. When professionals show their hesitancy to do what governments are pushing. That is enough for people to question it as well. So when a qualified doctor disagrees with another qualified doctor! WHO is right?

Have you received the vaccine? Did you have any ill effects? Please share your experiences and opinion in the comment section!

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  1. What most people that fear taking the Covid shot is due to uninformed people who are causing people not to get them. When SARS hit Canada they had to race for a solution and this experience has helped them to work on Covid Vaccines. I feel sorry for the ones that don’t get the shot because now Hospitals are getting full with the non believers.

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