Tendgram.io Scam: Fake Organic IG Followers

Are you considering using Trendgram to grow your Instagram followers? Don’t! The touted organic IG follower brand is not legit as it seems. There’s a lot of deceptive marketing and fraudulent practises behind the scene.

We’ll be writing a short review about TrendGram, how it actually works, and hidden red flags. We’ll also share some Trendgram reviews so that you can get an idea of users experience. 

Overview of Tendgram IO

Trendgram whose official website is trendgram.io claims to organically boost Instagram followers, not with bots or fake users. They claim to organically promote IG profiles through their own network of platforms and channels.

The brand often message people on IG, and promise to boost their followers from 3000 to 10,000 followers in a month. Users are offered a free trial to see how Trendgram works.

How It Actually Works

We decided to start a free trial with TrendGram. However, when we started receiving followers, they were odd. Usernames not matching up with profile names, accounts that are a few months fresh, businesses that are not a part of our demographic, (USA) etc.

In the actual sense, TrendGram uses bots and newly created IG profiles which do not engage in one’s posts. When we chatted up the accounts (up to ten), we got no response. So, clearly, Trendgram.io does not provide real organic followers but AI generated bots followers.

Exposing Tendgram.io Scam

Here are some of the hidden red flags of Trendgram.io;

Fake Founders

TrendGram has listed its founders as ‘Michael & Francis’. While the image on the founders may look real, using Google reverse image we discovered the picture isn’t that of Trendgram founders. As can be seen from the image result below, the people in the picture are actually Angus Goldman and Alex Harper. They’re co founders of crypto exchange ‘Swyftx’

Deceptive As Seen On Claims

Trendgram.io displays a various of labels from different organizations; Forbes, Worldstream, Business Insider, etc. They claim to have been featured there, but thats a lie. Trendgram hasn’t been mentioned in any of those platforms.

Fake Reviews

The reviews displayed on trendgram.io are fabricated. The images when searched using Google image search, linked to unrelated profiles on social media. Meanwhile the claim of having more than 27,000 clients is false. Who.is data shows trendgram.io was registered on October 2023. It’s impossible to have gathered such number of clients in just few months.


Offers a free trial

Tendgram Cons: What We Hate About This Instagram Boost Followers App

  • The followers do not engage with your account
  • Might spam your comment section with unrelated comments
  • Destroys your credibility as an influencer
  • Buying fake followers is against Instagram’s Terms of Services

How To Organically Grow Your Instagram Account

This is a brief but compulsory thing to do when trying to boost your Instagram followers organically.

  1. Post consistently
  2. Use relevant hastags when posting
  3. Engage in other people’s posts
  4. Use popular or trending sounds
  5. Always have something to offer the audience such as a giveaway or part 2 of a video, this makes the audience want to follow you
  6. Collaborate with influencers
  7. Be creative with reels and videos


To untrained eyes, Trendgram appears legit, however it has lots of loopholes. First of all, it gives bot followers not organic followers. Secondly, once users sign up for free trial, trendgram doesn’t grant cancellation request. They end up charging users after the free trial ends. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of deception going behind the scene. Trendgram is not as genuine or legit and as such we don’t recommend.

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