TradersChain Review (2021): Is This Broker Legit?

TradersChain is an offshore broker! Beware of, it is not a place to be if you actually intend to make something out of your forex trading. Read this TradersChain broker review to understand better.

Forex trading is an increasingly lucrative modern market. And as such, it is subject to modern problems such as online scammers and illicit broker websites. So in order to keep traders from them, we have made it our duty to review forex broker websites, then help you tell which one is legit and which one’s not. This review tells you all you need to know about TradersChain Brokers.

About TradersChain Broker

TradersChain broker is owned and operated by Click Industry Ltd., their parent company. Click Industry Ltd. is registered in two locations; London, England and Majuro, Marshall Islands. They trade indices, forex, stocks and various commodities. Also, TradersChain offers three account types with the maximum available leverage at 1:400

A tour through however, proved the broker’s biggest advantage may be their fancy website look. These things are explained in the review below. Why You Should Avoid This Broker!!!

TradesChain brokers are not who they say they are. Here are the reasons for this statement;

TradersChain Withdrawal and Deposit

The minimum deposit for TradersChain broker is $250. This is relatively high, compared to the average minimum deposit of $100. For it’s payment methods, accepts debit/credit cards, and wire transfer. The minimum withdrawal on the other hand, is $50; something commonly seen among illicit brokers.

Now, withdrawals can take up to three days to process, an unnecessarily long time, but shorter than most scam brokers. According to the terms and conditions, there are no withdrawal fees for debit and credit cards, but other withdrawal methods are not stated. Both deposits and withdrawals should have multiple gateways. Where this is lacking, it’s a sign of a scam broker.

The terms and conditions section is full of disclaimers that free them of any responsibility of funds and information loss to third parties. Besides that, also adds multiple, vague fees; with unspecified amounts. A red flag such as this should not go unnoticed.

TradersChain Trading Platform uses the Metatrader 4 trading platform, the most popular in the business and this is a big plus for them. They have 3 account types; the silver, gold and platinum accounts. Their maximum forex leverages are 1:200, 1:300 and 1:400 respectively. For a UK-registered company, these are suspicious numbers. This is because the regulatory body in UK set their maximum allowable leverage at 1:30.

TradersChain Licensing and Regulation avails two addresses; one in England and the other in Marshall Islands. Firstly, Marshall Islands is an offshore brokerage zone. Their financial regulatory body does not grant licenses to forex brokers. This has made the place a safe haven for scam brokers.

On the other hand, the FCA is the regulatory body in England and has quite the reputation. So we proceeded to check their registry for both TradersChain and the parent company, Click Industry Ltd. Unfortunately, neither of those names exist in the FCA registry. This simply tells that TradersChain is an UNREGULATED broker.

Conclusion: Is a Legit Broker?

Sadly, no! TradersChain is an unlicensed broker, despite it’s potential. Hence, any funds deposited with them is at maximum risk. We cannot recommend this broker to you, and we advise you deal with a transparent broker who’s licensed by a reputable agency.

Nevertheless, if you’ve got anything else to say about this broker, do mention it in the comments section.

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  1. They asked me for minimum deposit of $250 US and all paperwork that listed above.
    So far, Im still doubtful about this company. We started to work with the program, financial consultant calling me every day Monday to Friday at the same time we set with him. Lots of personal talks along with that (getting to know one another better as he said that we will be best friends for as minimum as next 4 years). Explaining me how the market works, advising on specific reading materials.
    Last time we talked, he was very exited about bitcoins and explained why I should buy at least 1. For that he asked if I can take a loan from my bank and we filled out the information at my bank to see if Im legible. He claims that I will return money back to the bank in a few moths and my loan will be paid out. +I will have my bitcoin on the balance.
    $10,000 is a big amount for me if it is a scam, as I have a credit from someone for another $15,000 (my friend paid for my studies and I have to pay it back)

  2. If it’s unfortunate that you have lost your hard earned money to this platform. However, for future references kindly join the r/scamsupdate community of Reddit.
    Also, you stand a chance to get your money back by contacting 
    ScamsRescue@  protonmail com
    Tel + (WhatsApp too)
    I have referred users in the past and they were able to get back their money. 

  3. I have been similarly ripped off by Traderschain too and according to my bank, I can’t file any complaints whatsoever since the transfers was done by me willingly because i assumed Traderschain was a legitimate trading platform but here i am scammed off a sum of 100,000GBP. I filed a chargeback with Capital – Recoup & Dial, and got everything and more.

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