Don’t Fall For A Fake Tracking Service, Victim Testimonials is basically a scam that makes use of fake tracking updates to make it seem like your order is on its way but in reality, it’s nowhere to be found.’s main aim is to trick people into giving up their personal info or handing over their cash by lying to them.

This blog post will uncover how the scam operates, red flags to watch for, and most importantly, steps to take to avoid being ripped off by this scam site and others like it.

Exposing The Scam pretends to track your online orders, but it’s all a scam. However, isn’t linked to any real shipping companies. It’s basically a scam tracking service that gives fake tracking details to trick customers.

It works this way, you order something online and get a tracking number from them to keep tabs on your order. However if your package never shows up, and you check the tracking link they gave you, it always says “delivered.” isn’t connected to any real delivery companies – it’s just a front to help scammy websites rip people off. And when you complain about your missing order, they wash their hands of it, blaming their fake tracking for showing a successful delivery.

Why It’s A Scam

There are lots of red flags we discovered about First of all, the founders are keeping themselves hidden we couldn’t find any info about where they’re based. When people try to reach out for help, they’re not getting any response. People online are saying bad things about them. They’re making stuff up on their website.

Nobody knows who’s behind Track718 or where they’re based. But word on the street is they might be operating out of China. According to SimilarWeb, their website has had about 2.6 million visits, with a bunch of them coming from Ireland and China. Plus, their domain was last updated in February 2022, according to WHOIS.

Victims of The Scam Speak Out

We discovered lots of customer complaints online about this scam tracking service. gave out fake tracking numbers to customers make it seem like your stuff’s been delivered, even when it wasn’t .

Some people have shared their stories, saying they got random cheap stuff sent to them instead of what they ordered. We searched for customer reviews from popular websites like Trustpilot, Reddit and Quora and here is what some of them have to say

I never received my package from Fashion Nova that I ordered in December 2023. It’s now Jan. 31, 2024 over a month now still no package. It keeps saying in transit, now saying it was delivered and I haven’t received anything.

Well I was told my items were delivered today. Despite hunting everywhere, no parcel. These are true scammers and please don’t believe anything they say.

1000 percent a scam! Thank goodness only lost 50 dollars but they definitely make it look legit by using this tracking because they say they’re sending it from China they say it’s in customs they show its where you live and it’s out to be delivered but it never gets delivered. Total scam all the scamming websites use this to make it look legit!

How To Spot Online Scams When Buying Stuff Online:

  1. Check the website name: Legit ones match their business name.
  2. Look for contact info: No phone number or address? Watch out.
  3. Watch for delivery issues: If reviews say orders never show up despite tracking, beware.
  4. Check for logos: Real shipping companies flaunt their logos.
  5. Review the tracking page: If they all look alike, be cautious.

To Protect Yourself From Online Purchasing Scams, Follow These Steps:

  1. Do your homework: Before buying anything online, research the seller and read customer reviews.
  2. Look for safety signs: Make sure the website has a valid SSL certificate and provides contact information. Avoid entering personal or financial details on unsafe sites.
  3. Use credit cards wisely: When making online purchases, opt for using a credit card instead of a debit card.

Final Verdict

Stay clear of, They claim to work with over 1,500 delivery companies and have users from over 230 countries, with around 10 million people checking in every day. But it’s actually a scam.

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