Easy Roti Maker – Fake Roti Maker from therotimaker.com? Honest Review

Do you want to buy easy Roti Maker from therotimaker.com? Are you considering using it for your healthy recipes? Don’t do that yet. Go through this therotimaker.com review to find out if it really works or a sham.

Therotimaker.com: What is It?

Therotimaker.com is an online store that sells roti makers that enable users to prepare delicious rotis at the comfort of their homes. The roti makers is a versatile kitchen tools that are made with Curved Ceramic Plates. It could be used to make parathas, pani puri, thepla. etc.


  • Curved ceramic plates
  • It is potable
  • It can be used to prepare varieties of recipes like shawarma, pancakes, burgers etc.
  • Has a curved surface which makes the recipes smooth and enticing.

Is Therotimaker.com Roti Maker Genuine?

Despite the fact that therotimaker.com website is designed in a legitimate manner, there are negative reviews online about it. Majority of users were See what a user has to say about it –

The roti maker stopped working within a few months after having been used less than 10 times. They offered a replacement at a discount of 50% but no communication since. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I filed a complaint with BBB and they aren’t responding to them either.


  • It can be used to make variety of dishes like flour tortillas and stuffed flatbreads
  • It has adjustable thermostat
  • It’s portable
  • Made of ceramic plate.


  • Website does not look authentic. No contact Us info and no customer care.
  • Does not save time as claimed.


From all indications, Easy Roti maker from therotimaker.com looks like a fairly good product to make rotis with. However, just like Suvie Kitchen Robot, customers might not be totally satisfied with it.

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