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Suvie Kitchen Robot Review- Pros & Cons of This Cooker!

Thinking of getting the Suvie Kitchen robot? Are you stuck in mid confusion wondering if this Kitchen cooker is the best option for you? No worries!

I’ve been there too, perplexed, uncertain, wondering if this kitchen accessory would meet my expectation, or if it would be the bad air-fryer I bought sometime ago.

Relax and read on, I’m not going to spare any detail, or leave you feeling bored.

Suvie Kitchen Robot Reviews

First of, there are a lot of glaring reviews online, both on YouTube. And though you might think it is a good thing, It isn’t always true. I once bought a portable air conditioner ‘Polaire‘ after reading tons of positive reviews online, but the product I received was WHACK!

That is to say; some reviews are likely paid reviews, or sponsored reviews. You do need to do some background check.

What You Should Know About Suvie Machine

It is a compact box!

Yes, you heard me right. It is simply a Wi-Fi-enabled appliance that’s part refrigerator, part cooker. It uses robot uses water to both refrigerate your food and cook an entire meal.

One thing I love about it is that it cooks just not one serving of meal. A dish can serve four light eaters.

How Does It Work?

The Suvie box or countertop is designed for meals that contain a protein, a starch, a vegetable and a sauce. Inside the cooker, there’s a compartment for each food group.

  • The top two compartments are for your protein and vegetable. They are surrounded by a metal jacket that holds water. What you do is this; place your food in the appropriate containers at the beginning of the day, and fill the Suvie’s water reservoir.
  • Then you schedule the time you want your meal to be ready on the appliance’s touchscreen or on its app. The water from the reservoir transfers to the jacket and cools it down, which refrigerates the food.

Cool, right?

  • At the stipulated time, the water in the jacket heats up and begins to multitask. The water cooks the protein and vegetable at the top of the Suvie using sous vide and steam, respectively, then it fills the starch compartment to cook what you have in there.

Guess what? It’ll also drain itself when your starch is finished cooking.)

  • The sauce heats up while the rest of the meal cooks. You’ll get an alert when your meal is ready, after which you broil your protein and veggies in the Suvie for a browned finish and plate your meal.

Lest I forget; Suvie has an optional meal plan in which the company ships you prepackaged, uncooked meals that will feed three to five people.

Should You Buy This Cooker? My Opinion!

The Suvie part-refigerator, part-cooker box is a cool chic accessory to have. Especially with its hundred days no risk labour season.

Honestly, It has helped me saved some money from eating out. I’ve had friends admire it and want to buy, but then the price well- the price is what it is.

Watch Video Review Here


  1. Worst costumer service I’ve ever encountered. First issue I had was I ordered the new 2.0 version and they sent me the 1.0 version and denied the 2.0 was ever advertised on their page; weird since me and my husband saw it and specifically waited for the new one to come out before buying. So then I get the old one even though I purchased the advertised, newer Suvie. I used the machine religiously and worked through all of the bugs communicating with the IT team, often causing even later nights, cold dinners and not being able to use the machine or the weekly meal plan I paid for (which routinely was improperly packed, missing items for a recipe). I was probably one of the top 5 users of the machine in terms of frequency of cooking. The product was fine *when it worked* but it seemed like there was an issue every other time I used it for the 4-6 months before the machine stopped working altogether. The cooling process of the machine stopped working and I wouldn’t know I until I sat down to serve food to my family… wasted food, wasted prep time and more frustration because then I also have to meal plan last-minute. The cooling process is crucial to the convenience of the Suvie since it makes sure you can leave food waiting in it until cooking time without going bad. Eventually my Suvie completely stopped working. Upon communicating with the company, Suvie knew of the freezing defects in the first version but then wouldn’t offer a recall or replace it with a new one even tho they agreed to do so with me after some back and forth. It’s been since February that I returned the busted machine for a new one (in lieu of a refund) and they are still telling me garbage like that the new ones are for new customers, not existing customers. Seriously?? They even had months and months of delay to send a return packet. Every step of getting and having a Suvie has been a headache and even worse is I’m the one who has to chase them down to even talk about it while they ignore emails or are radio silent about the issues they promise to follow up on. Yesterday, I finally had to ask for a refund with a two-week deadline before starting the legal process to get compensation for my busted and returned machine. Suvie is a typical Silicon Valley company – a poorly executed good idea that Venture Capital money pushed out of the door faster than it should have and ultimately is a complete waste of money. Save your time and money, avoid this company. If you’re considering buying one, just don’t.

    1. Thank you! You’ve certainly helped me in my decision making process. I’ll wait for them to iron out a few more kinks.

    2. Thank you for sparing me time, cost & headache! I’ve seen Suvie ads in multiple forums & was actively researching reviews prior to purchase. I won’t be buying it now. I agree, it’s a great idea, if it worked correctly, but seems it was pushed to market way before it was ready.

    3. Thank you very much for your review. I was keen to buy this but I have dealt with these types of firms and a buggy product with poor customer service is the last thing I want.

      1. I ordered the Suvie 2.0 and had my order cancelled. I sent an e-mail as to why my order was cancelled and they said they would look into it which they did. The company told me that they would put me back in line where i was to receive the 2.0 version……well it never happened but i did get my money back. It just was’nt meant to be i’m taking my money elsewhere.

    4. I agree you should have returned the product you received, instead of using it. It is possible you got a lemon.

      To think that all those people that made comments after your post, all agreed with you, makes me wonder if your post and their comments were paid for.

      1. Why would anyone pay for a negative review – they dont have a competitor on the market as far as I can see, and its a small appliance, not likely to put any existing appliance out of biz anytime soon. Its the glowing positive reviews that one needs to wonder about.

    5. It’s so disappointing when there’s a good idea out there and the Product development and Service takes a distant backseat to Marketing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Report them to Better Business Bureau, or if you have a local nes channel who help people find resolutions for issues, call them. I hope it works out for you. We work hard for our money.

  3. I wanted one so bad , but after your review…..I don’t need all those headaches of dishonest company with all those manufacturing flaws and all for a whopping $1,000.
    Forget it, thanks for the heads up

  4. The concept sounds amazing! However, it also sounds like bleeding tech that’s not quite ready for mainstream consumer world. I’ll also wait for them to iron out the kinks and manufacture a more reliable product.

  5. The recently reduced price by more than 50% seems to reflect a ‘clear inventory to lower total losses’ as I don’t see any mention of a version 3.0. I was almost going to buy it, but I don’t want to pay for a shoddy product, even if it is only 399 now…
    Guess you should consider who you use to provide your customer service, Suvie. Seems you’ll get Su-ed vie-ery soon. (Sorry that was terrible, much like what your customer service seems to be…shame shame)

  6. Exactly. What’s so odd about people deciding not to buy a product after reading a review revealing that it’s flawed with poor customer service? Kind of how reviews work, no?

  7. We got ours planning on making some videos with it but the first two meals were awful. Also, when in refrigerator mode, it’s louder than a dishwasher. It’s louder than our fridge. It’s 63dB. I made some polite comments on their Facebook group and had it deleted as well as my post about the sound.

    They seem like a fairly shady group. Deleting Facebook posts and comments that reflect the truth. I’d look elsewhere.

    1. Oh Wow. I was going to post on the FB group to see if anyone had problems with shipping but still received theirs. The order help is literally no help, and the fake tracking numbers that they send show that they are extremely shady.

  8. Glad I searched out reviews outside of their website. Definitely don’t need to surrender valuable counter space and $ for something that doesn’t perform as advertised.

  9. Ordered mine with the Starchie on 12/6 and still nothing and no legitimate updates despite repeated emails to “help.” Get the standard canned responses or supply chain issue and everything is stuck at the port. Likely canceling order. If orders will be over 18 weeks then say it and the “you will receive regular emails” is false.

  10. I ordered one on April 6th, never received word regarding my order until I emailed them. Was told today that even thought I was told my machine would ship 8 to 10 weeks….and even though I’ve now waited 13 weeks….it would be another 10 to 14 weeks from today for me to receive a machine. They gave me the option of a refurbished machine to avoid the wait (which would ship 3 to 5 weeks) and I could purchase an extended warranty if I wanted. No…I don’t even want to think of how customer service would be if something did go wrong. Just give me my money back

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