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Terlarry Realistic Dog- Scam or Legit? See Reviews!

Do you want to buy realistic Teddy Dog Lucky from terlarry.com? STOP! This Terlarry Reviews exposes everything you need to know about the online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What Is Terlarry.com – is It Legit?

Terlarry is an online store that is currently running a promo sale for realistic pet dogs for huge discount.

However, on close inspection we noticed some disturbing things about the store.

You might have stumbled on a lot of Videos showing that these realistic pets could run. Some reviews further claim that the dog is battery operated, that is why it could run and bark.

However, that is far from the truth.

The realistic Teddy Dog Lucky is not real. It is simply a stuffed toy.

How Does The Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky Work

The Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky is simply a pet toy which you can gift to both adults or kids. This is because, unlike other toys, it looks so real, and can pretty much serve as a real one.

Below are its features-

  • It made from artificial fur, hand sculpted polymer clay nose, claws, paws glass eyes
  • It filled with polyester and steel granules,It is completely handmade.
  • Toned by airbrush paint and art pastel for giving a living species.

Searching For These Items? See Trusted Sellers

Pros +

  • You can get them customized to your liking.
  • It is handmade
  • The meticulous details make it look life-like
  • It can serve as a gift to both adults and kids.
  • The faux fur used in its making is very soft.


  • There are a lot of fake stores selling the realistic pets, so it might be pretty tough to get

A lot of online stores are claiming to sell the Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky stuffed pet. However, when you take a close look at them like we have done here, they are all fake. They mislead you with videos of real pets.

Is Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky a Scam?

The answer to the question is NO. It is true that some stores are scamming people by selling the Teddy dog Lucky for super cheap prices. However, we have provided links to legit online stores on Amazon where you can get the Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky for affordable prices.

We advise you to buy from trusted sellers on Amazon, as you can always get your money back if you’re not satisfied with your order.

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  1. it is bad that facebook is letting companies like terlarry to do their scamming but will not let many conservative people say things that facebook doesn’t like


  2. I ordered these puppies without knowing that it was a scam because it was on Facebook over a month ago and still haven’t seen the puppies or a refund, they sent me a tracking number and the tracking number was from something in china, THIS IS A FULL BLOWN SCAM, I LOST OUT ON MY MONEY TRYING TO GET A LIFE LIKE PUPPY FOR MY KIDS DON’T LOOSE OUT ON YOURS….I CERTIFIED THIS COMPANY AND PRODUCT A SCAM

    1. Has anyone succeeded in getting a 100% refund. I’ve been offered 10, then 15% refund (and keep the toy). Cost to return $20, which I would have to pay. Is there any chance I’d actually get the refund?
      I hardly want to pay for return then receive anything less than a FULL refund.
      Or has anyone claimed on their debit card?

      1. I got this scam dog also. They said $20 to return. Offered 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and finally 35% i declined all of their offers. I put in a claim with my credit card and they issued a full refund

        1. Same here. Scammer agreed to refund 10%, then 20%, then 50% but I insisted on full refund. Opened a dispute with PayPal and they eventually got the seller to agree 100% refund, if I return the product TO CHINA ON MY EXPENSE! That’ll cost me $40, and the scammer said that they would deduct processing fee and restocking fee. I would get maybe $7 back.

      2. I was unfortunately scammed by this company and after a 4 month battle I managed to get a 100%refund, this I did after escalating the complaint through PayPal. The company did their damnedest to keep the money but PayPal got it back. The twist at the end though was, I couldn’t receive the refund unless I returned the item, which was at my expense, so, after deducting the return cost I actually ended up with just over 50% of my expenditure. Utter criminals and should be shut down and PayPal should be held accountable for dealing with known scammers, and STILL dealing with them.

  3. Ordered 2 Teddy Dogs on September 30th and 2 weeks later I received a tracking number. After reading these reviews and not receiving the products I’ve decided to cancel and request a refund. Can someone please posts information with a phone number or addresss so I can proceed. Thanking you all in advance for a heads up on this scam!!!

  4. Do not buy this It is a scam .Pay Pal grabs your credit card and you cannot get your money back .Some junk from China

  5. I received my dogs… I was stupid and bought 2 for my grand kids. They have totally mis represented these toys, They don’t do anything they say it will do.. all it does is slightly moves forward and barks,… that’s it.. They claim that the dogs are so real, but they are far from it. This is a scam.. I have requested my money back…

  6. I bought one of these puppies for my granddaughter, there were pieces missing, and it wasn’t anything like what they show.. dont buy these….

  7. This company is a scam, what they are selling is a stupid toy you can find in any store. I received mine broken and they refused to refund.

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