Tunetrack Not Connecting- Fix The Issue Here!

Are you having difficulty connecting your Tunetrack widget to Spotify ? Read this review to know how to fix the problem so it will show music that plays on your phone!

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How To Connect Tunetrack To Spotify

A LOT of people are having a hard time while trying to log in Spotify. For some reason Tunetrack doesn’t let do that. Moreover, even if you log into Spotify, it doesn’t guarantee that music will show up after that.

So how do you solve this issue?

Below are steps which you should take in order to connect your tune track widget to spotify.

Step 1- Already have your music app open, and playing music

Step 2- Sign in to Tune track, refresh widgets

Step 3- Sign in to Spotify and accept terms

You can try this more than one if it doesn’t work the first time.

Connected TuneTrack To Spotify Easily?

Were you able to connect tunetrack widget to spotify? Please share the steps you took so others would learn.

Also, if you used the steps mentioned above please let us know if it worked for you.


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