Swiffer PowerMop Reviews: Simple Cleaning Solution Or Overhyped Gadget

I hate to mop my floors. So, I usually procrastinate until they’re pretty dirty. I saw the Swiffer PowerMop on a TV ad and decided to try it for my floors. I have changed from all rugs to floating wood look floors and have 2 Scotties and 1 Westie that are basically house-broken, BUT….. they are quite often forgetful of that detail so cleaning is a consistent problem for mopping and cleaning the urine stickiness from them. 

The ads looked good and the video captivated me to make my first purchase. This is my experience.

Swiffer PowerMop
Swiffer PowerMop

What is the Swiffer PowerMop?

The Swiffer PowerMop is the latest spray mop from Swiffer. Like the older WetJet, it cleans hard floors like wood, laminate, and tile. Its special cleaning pad has over 300 “scrubbing strips” that pick up dirt, small debris, and pet hair, and wipe away spills and dried messes.

The main difference with the PowerMop is the battery pack. Two AA batteries power the mop’s trigger-action jets, which spray a strong stream of cleaning solution to dissolve dirt and lift stuck-on grime.

ingredients include

Water, Propylene Glycol Butyl Ether, Phenoxyisopropanol, Acrylic Polymer, C10-16 Alkyldimethylamine Oxide, Didecyldimonium Chloride, Fragrances

Swiffer PowerMop Starter Kit Highlights

  • Includes the mop
  • Comes with two cleaning pads
  • Contains a bottle of “fresh” scent solution
  • Comes with two AA batteries
  • Three cleaning solution scents available: fresh, lemon (for wood floors), and lavender
  • Tested samples of fresh and lavender scents

My Experience With Swiffer Power Mop

I bought this mop because my regular Swiffer couldn’t clean one of my floors well and left it sticky, even with a new pad. I needed something that cleaned better. My apartment has a lot of linoleum, and since I’m disabled, I can’t use a heavy rope mop. I needed something light and easy to use.

This mop has a bigger head, which is great. The sprayer has a good range and keeps my floors clean. However, I’m sensitive to chemicals, and the detergent smell was so strong that it gave me a headache. I had to put everything outside because the smell was overwhelming.

Pros and Cons of the Swiffer PowerMop


  • The swivel head makes it easy to clean tight spaces and along baseboards.
  • Simple to use: just stick on the pad and start mopping, then peel it off when done.
  • The mop head is large, so you can cover more floor quickly.
  • The cleaner has a nice, long-lasting fragrance.


  • With the cleaner bottle attached, the mop gets heavier.
  • The spray doesn’t release much cleaner, so you have to keep pushing the button.
  • Assembly was tricky; the connecting wire was too long and hard to fit into the pipe.
  • You need to buy new cleaner bottles as they aren’t refillable.

Does It Clean The Floors Very Well

Not exactly. This product does not clean very well. It can handle dust and will attack small messes but does not eliminate larger problems. Some of the reviews I saw online include

I don’t understand why it is called a power mop? I am the one pushing it forward and back.
Just the same I like it and it certainly gets the job done. The replacement pads are terribly expansive and don’t go far. I ordered the pads that are washable and then reuse able. 

I purchased this for wood flooring in house on first floor. It is easy to use although a bit cumbersome to carry around. The disposable pads do hold quite a bit of liquid and dirt and are easy to dispose of. I wouldn’t use this for a heavy cleaning but quick wash or spot cleaning is better. It assembles quite easily. It is definitely a bit bottom heavy so have to get down low to change pad as you cannot just flip up/over to change it. I would recommend this for anyone who isn’t looking at is as a heavy duty cleaner.

Major Downsides From Customer Reports

The only “power” in this mop is in the cleaning solution, not the mop itself. The mop’s spray is battery-powered, which is disappointing. I used it on a small part of my floor and still got the usual backache from pushing it around. The cleaning solution works great, though. I’m considering returning it, but you need the original packaging, and once you assemble it, you can’t take it apart to fit it back in the box. I also didn’t like that you can’t refill the container with your own solution. The ads were confusing, talking about refills, but they meant the pads, not the cleaner. Feels like false advertising to me.

Another major down side is having to buy reusable mop pads and figure out how to twist off cap so you can at your own cleaner. The bottle didn’t stay in as well after the cap was put back on. Seems intentional do you have to buy swiffer brand cleaner.

Is the Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit Worth the Buy

If you like Swiffer products, you’ll probably like the big pads. The Swiffer PowerMop is handy for quick cleaning. But for large floors, it doesn’t clean as well as a regular mop and bucket. Plus, you’ll have to keep buying new pads and cleaning solution.

Final Words

The Swiffer PowerMop is a good tool for a fair price but not without downsides. It is so much better than a reusable mop or spray cleaner. To use it, you will have to buy reusable mop pads and figure out how to twist off cap so you can add your own cleaner.

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