Swann Class Action Settlement- Scam or Legit?

The Swann Insurance Class Action is real. This class action lawsuit is legit. You are part of the settlement if you purchased motor vehicles and motorcycles between 1 January 2008 and 1 August 2017.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

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What You Should Know About Swann Class Action Settlement

The Swann Class Action Settlement or Swann Insurance Class Action is not a scam. It is against Swann Insurance (Aust) Pty Ltd (ACN 000 886 680) and Insurance Australia Limited (ACN 000 016 722). The action arises out of the sale of particular “add-on” insurance products issued by Swann which were presented and sold in motor vehicle dealerships to persons (including businesses) who purchased motor vehicles and motorcycles between 1 January 2008 and 1 August 2017 inclusive.

On 17th December, the Swann Insurance Class Action was settled for an amount of $138 million. To view the Court Order dated 17 December 2020, please click HERE.

So how do you know if you can benefit from this settlement?

It is pretty simple- click here.

What To Do If You Received The Settlement Notice

If you received a Settlement Notice on or around 19 February 2021 it means you’re among the ‘Group members’ and you’re eligible to receive your share.

However, in order to participate in the settlement distribution, you must register by 5 PM AEST on 10 May 2021.

If you fail to register before the deadline, you will not receive a settlement distribution.

Registration is available online by clicking the “REGISTER” button at the top of the portal.swannclassaction.com.au webpage.

When you register, you may be asked to enter your contact details as stated in your Swann policy or policies.

If your contact or bank details change after you successfully register, please click here to update your details.

How Much Will You Receive From The Swann Insurance Settlement?

The Settlement Distribution Scheme is published at portal.swannclassaction.com.au.

This document shows the formula to be used to calculate amounts payable to Group Members. This document can be viewed here.

Court Documents

The relevant Court documents in this case may be accessed through the “Court Documents” page. Please click here to access.

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