Supergood Sunscreen Class Action Lawsuit: See If You Are Eligible

Did you hear about the Supergood sunscreen class action lawsuit? It’s not a scam.

MarceAnn Dunning decided she’s had enough and threw a class action lawsuit at Supergoop LLC. Why, you ask? she’s claiming that Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 is not living up to the SPF 40 promise.

Who Is Behind The Supergood Sunscreen Class Action Lawsuit

Supergoop, the skincare people, are getting hit with a class action lawsuit. Why? Well, the claim is they’ve been fibbing about their Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40. However, According to MarceAnn Dunning, who’s leading the charge, the SPF in these products is not what it says on the label.

She’s saying the Supergoop Unseen Face Sunscreen SPF 40 is more like SPF 23, and the Supergoop Unseen Body Sunscreen SPF 40 is just SPF 20. Basically, she’s calling out the company, saying they’re not giving us the SPF protection they claim.

How Much Is The Settlement

The people behind Supergoop are in problem. According to MarceAnn Dunning, also she and others bought their sunscreens thinking they were getting SPF 40 protection, just like it says on the label.

Now, She’s saying Supergoop unfairly made money off of us and broke promises by not delivering what they promised on the warranty.

She wants a jury to hear her side, and she’s asking for some serious payback. We’re talking about a bunch of damages, restitution – you name it. She’s not holding back, aiming for justice not just for herself, but for everyone who got caught up in this sunscreen mess.

How To File A Claim

There is no claim form available right now, fill one out when it is.


 In conclusion, Dunning v. Supergoop LLC, Case No. 1:23-cv-11242, is not a scam. Just like LoanCare Data Breach Class action, MarceAnn Dunning decided she’s had enough and threw a class action lawsuit at Supergoop LLC.

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