Is Google Subpoena Email a Scam?

If you have received a subpoena notice from Google regarding gaming apps, there is no need to panic. It does not appear to be scam.

A close look at the email header shows the message was indeed from google.

The notice is regarding gaming apps entitled Vegas Downtown Slots, Slotomania, House of Fun, and Caesars Casino. However, you would only receive the mail if you had played one of the games in the past.

Subpoena Notice From Google- How It Works

In case you are wondering who the Sean Wilson is in the notice you received. You should know this’ He is the person who has supoenaed google in order to find other people (that played the same game(s)) to join his class-action lawsuit against “ PLAYITKA LTD, an IsraelI Limited Company, and CAESAR’S INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company”.

From my understanding, this e-mail is a notification from google that google will share the contact information of people who have played these games unless they ‘formally’ object to this

You can check this link here, to find out more about the Class action suit headed by Sean Wilson.

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