I Cleaned My Entire Kitchen With Splash Foam Spray: What I Like And Dislike About This Cleaner

Are you considering buying Splash Foam Spray? This product claims to be a degreaser and cleaner that’ll clean almost anything including flooring; all kitchen surfaces-including cookware and oven, toilet etc.

I came across this product while looking a multipurpose cleaner for my kitchen that is effective and cheap. This review will help you decide if splash spray is worth your money.

About Splash Foam Spray

Splash Foam Spray, is a multipurpose cleaner that claims to remove tough grease and oil on oven, cooker, toilet etc.

The company claim that their product has a super tiny technology called NanoTech. It’s like microscopic robots that grab onto stains and clean them off surfaces. They claim it works really well but won’t damage your tank system or irritate your skin.

The Ingredients Inside

Splash Foam Spray has ingredients like surfactants, solvents, and oxidants. It’s perfect for tackling heavy oil areas like range hoods, exhaust fans, sinks, and glass tiles.

Claims Made By Splash Foam

  1. Instant Reaction to Water: It starts working as soon as it comes into contact with water.
  2. Complete Coverage of Toilet Bowl: It expands to cover the entire surface of the toilet bowl, leaving no stains, limescale, rust, or other buildups behind.
  3. Fast Action in 20 Minutes: It effectively cleans the toilet bowl in just 20 minutes.
  4. Fresh Scent: It leaves a pleasant smell by getting rid of 99.9% of bacteria that cause bad odors.
  5. Septic Tank Friendly: It’s safe to use with septic tanks.
  6. Discount Offer: You can get up to 60% off your order if you buy today.

How Splash Foam Duped Me

I ordered 2 Splash Foam Spray for $19.95 with shipping $4.95 and tax. I was offered a small free gift as a thank you. Without being made aware, I was charged a separate shipping fee of $10.60. This free gift was packaged with Splash Foam which required no additional shipping cost.

When the product arrived, it did not work even close to advertisement. This splash foam spray does nothing, it did NOT work on cleaning my stove, stained pans, oven or anything I tried it on. I have made several attempts to contact customer service without success.

At this point I’m done and would just like like my money back.

Does The Splash Foam Work?

Not really, The product does not work as advertised. Foaming action is minimal at best. Does nothing to iron or mineral deposits, i cleaned my oven three times with it to find out vinegar and baking soda does a better job. Didn’t come close to taking the stains off.

Is Splash Foam A Scam

It’s not necessarily a scam it simply does not work. When you head over to BBB and other review websites, you will discover that the product is basically a fad and a far cry from the 5 star review on the official spalshfoam.com website.

Where To Buy

You can buy splash foam from their official website splashfoam.com, Amazon, Walmart and other retail stores near your area.

What You Need To Know Before Buying

Firstly the company makes use of false advertising regarding where the product is made. The website says it is made in the USA, but the product is made in China. It also is completely ineffective for the uses that the site advertises it for like oven cleaning, for instance.

Secondly, If you want to return the product, you are unable to return the open pack which contains individually wrapped tablets as this is not considered ‘unopened’. There is no way to know if you want to return it unless you open the larger pack and try to use one of the tablets.

 I noticed when you actually click on it to purchase, the page changes to a different bottle and different name no longer containing the word foam. 

Customer Reports And Feedback

Splashfoam.com is currently rated 1.2 on Trustpilot. Basically the customers complain that the customer service is nonexistant.

Ordered splash about a month ago. They shipped it to an address about 25 miles away. We made contact with them once and they gave us the postal code of where they shipped it. Told them it was wrong place. Now they will not answer phone or email nor will they return messages. My advice is to never buy this product because you won’t get it and you’re out of the cost.

I’ve been trying for a month to get my money back. 30 Day return policy sucks! Product sucks! Company sucks! This is a scam people! There is no foam. This is nothing more than colored water. Don’t be duped like me. I am out the money, 

How Do I Reach Out To Customer Service

If you need help, reach out to their customer service at Info@splashfoamspray that is if they do respond to your messages.

How To Use

  1. Pour It In Just sprinkle about a tablespoon of Splash powder into your toilet, sink, or washing machine.
  2. Let It Do Its Thing Splash starts working as soon as it touches water, breaking down dirt and stains in about 20 minutes. Just relax and let it work its magic.
  3. Rinse It Away When it’s done, simply flush your toilet or rinse your sink.

Would We Buy Again

Definitely not. I was intrigued at first to give this product a trial. We ALL want something that really, truly works…and the safer for the environment, the easier physically for the cleaning person, the better. They make this product look as if it’s really the magic product! 

However, just like almost any other thing, if it sounds too good to be true, it nearly always is.

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