Does The As Seen On Tv Grease Police Work? My Review Of This Magic Degreaser

Are you considering buying As seen on Tv Grease Police degreaser? This product claims to be a degreaser and cleaner that’ll clean almost anything including flooring; all kitchen surfaces-including cookware and oven.

In this review, i’ll share my experience buying and using this cleaner in my home.

What Is As Seen On Tv Grease Police

Grease police magic degreaser is a multi-purpose cleaner that claims to remove grime, and dirt instantly from surfaces, utensils etc. The manufacturers claim it has a super-concentrated formula that removes dirt and grime on contact. It is biodegradable and completely safe to use but does it work?

What you get when you order

  • 1 x Grease Police ready mix 500ml
  • 1 x spray head
  • microfibre cloth


The ingredients inside include Water, Synthetic High pH Cleaner and Degreaser.

My Experience Using Grease Police Magic Degreaser

I bought the grease police from Amazon while looking for a solution tongwtbrid of stains form my stove and other stuffsbin my house. The product arrived after 7days.

At first, it cleaned some burnt on stuff from my stove top fine but did not clean the Grease from the inside of my oven door well at all even after several applications and intense scrubbing.

I sprayed “Grease Police” on it TWICE. First time, nothing…second time, less than nothing!.  I expected it to clean as advertised but No! It was an incredible let down even after soaking one pan that sat unused for some time in the back of my cabinet. After a 2 hr soak barely anything came off. I had to hand scrub the pan with a scouring pad which did a great job instead of the Grease Police product. 

Grease Police Pros: What I Like

  1. Can clean surfaces
  2. It is easy to use

Grease Police Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • It is not for strong grease usually found in the kitchen such as on the stove.
  • Leaves behind its own greasy residue.
  • It’s watery in nature

Does Grease Police Actually Work

It works but not really as advertised. This product does not work on all surfaces and is far from the deep clean you’re hoping for. You have to overdo it to get it cleaned. It does not take the grease out instantly as they advertised. A customer report said

I tried it on one pan and one rack and used half of the bottle between the two of them with no results. I tried various methods (spray and wash off immediately, spray and leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off, spray and leave it on and then wash with dish soap, spray and let it sit overnight. None of it worked. 


It worked super well on small grease spots but did absolutely nothing for the harder spots. I tried it on my pot and it was like spraying water. For the price, you are better off purchasing dollar store degreaser.

Where To Buy Grease Police Cleaner

You can buy it from Amazon, walmart rust and als. The price is 28.92 per one.

How To Use

Using Grease Police Cleaner is easy

  1. Spray it On: Just spritz the cleaner on the surface you want to clean.
  2. Wait a Bit: Leave it alone for a few minutes.
  3. Clean it Off: After waiting a bit, wipe or clean off the sprayed area.

What I Discovered About Grease Police

Not a Deep Clean

This product does not loosen grease like it says it does. Lots of customers are sharing their disappointment stories online.

Over hyped

This product is the same as other products that remove grease. I thought will be a wonderful product but i spent more money for a product that should cost like $5 dollar. 

Does not Work on All Surfaces

This product only works on

  • Greasy kitchen surfaces (oven, hood filters, grill, dishes, stove, etc.)
  • Grease on rims, tools, lawnmowers, machines
  • Stubborn dirt and limescale (shower, bathtub, sink, tiles, joints, etc.)
  • Rust on internal and external surfaces

Is Grease Police Safe

Yes, Grease Police Cleaner is safe, however you may expeeince skin irritation after use.

Can you Use It On All Surfaces

No, The Grease Police can clean wood cabinets, cooking appliances, ceramics, metal, and tiles only.

Our Top Picks

  1. GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner: GP66 Miracle Cleaner is a cleaning liquid that is formulated to remove all kinds of grease, dirt, and grime. It’s also cruelty free, bleach free, and is said to perform more than laundry detergent.
  2. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner: is so versatile that it can be used either diluted or at full strength both indoors and outdoors and for heavy, average or light cleaning jobs. In our tests, it cleaned surfaces, including tile, chrome, concrete, grill grates, cooking tools, patio furniture and more with impressive results. 


Grease Police Cleaner is part of this new line of cleaning stuff called “Police” from Telebrands. It’s designed for regular use, not for those really tough, stuck-on stains. There is nothing magical about this cleaner.

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