SoundSleep Snore Stopper Reviews: Did It Help My Snoring Problems? Read This

It’s no secret that snoring can be disruptive to both your own sleep and that of your significant others. Do you snore while sleeping and want an anti-snoring device to help you stop it? Are you considering buying SoundSleep Snore Stopper? Don’t do that yet.

In this review, I share my experience using this Snore Stopper anti snoring device; how it works, the pros & cons, and what you should expect when using it

Overview Of SoundSleep Snore Stopper

SoundSleep Snore Stopper is a portable anti-snoring device that uses AI technology to help reduce snoring . It comes with a phone app to track your sleep and snoring. It also has a rechargeable battery that needs a short charge to work for a long time. The device has an app that records your sleep and snoring, then gives advice on how to handle them better.

However the question is does it really work? Curious, I decided to test one as I’ve struggled with snoring for more than three years now.

My Experience SoundSleep Snore Stopper

My order of SoundSleep Snore Stopper from Amazon took two weeks to arrive. It came in a box that contained; an instruction manual and the device itself. The device has to be placed on on the ears while the part that does muscle stimulation stay under the chin.

At first use, the strap felt a bit tight and I woke up with sore reddened ears. According to my sleep data from the Snore Stopper app my snoring times was below 100. Which was quite impressive. However, when I synced my SoundSleep Snore Stopper with my snore tracking app Snorelab the metric it gave me for the following week showed my snoring times were almost the same. Just a little change.

This device definitely reduces the sound (or strength) of snoring. It worked great the first night. Then gradually over the next week the effect seemed to taper off, and though it claimed to be working, my sleep results said otherwise. I think perhaps the brain became used to it.

Does SoundSleep Snore Stopper Anti-Snoring Device Work For Sleep Apnea?

Honestly, it does not significantly or totally stop storing. Though I saw an improvement in my snoring times, my husband still complains of my snoring even after consistently using Snore Stopper for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, the reviews on the website are not 100% true. It’s impossible that none of the users have any complaint.

The therapies identified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine are CPAP, Prescription oral devices, Positional therapy and Hypoglossal nerve stimulation. Anti-snoring devices like SoundSleep Snore Stopper are usually but not always, gimmicks or experimental with no success rate. In fact, I earlier used one of such sleep apnea ear set ‘ Earpap Anti Snore Device‘ and as you can see from my review and that of others, it didn’t work.

SoundSleep Snore Stopper Pros: What I Like About This Anti-snoring Device

  • It pretty easy to use and comfortable to wear
  • It has a durable and long-lasting design
  • Sleep Snore Stopper is portable and travel-friendly

SoundSleep Snore Stopper Cons: What I Don’t Like About Sleepmit

  • My ears became sore after use
  • The straps are not adjustable
  • It does not work for everyone
  • It is quite expensive

Where To Buy SoundSleep Snore Stopper

You can buy this device from Amazon or from their official website. The price is between $38 to $40.

Sleep Snore Stopper Alternative

  1. Sleep on your side
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Raise the head of your bed
  4. Limit or avoid alcohol before bed
  5. Try to stop smoking, if you smoke
  6. Maintain a moderate weight


Snoring can negatively impact your sleep quality and overall well-being. It is safe to say that it’s just like sleep savior earsets does not really work as marketed. If I’m to rate SoundSnore Stopper, I’ll give it a 5 over 10.

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