Solitaire Clash Scam: Can You Make Real Money Playing Games?Don’t Sign Up Before Reading This

Solitaire Clash is a scam, in order to earn good money you need to put in some amount of money. It lets you win a bit in the beginning but then you lose way more than you win.

If you’ve seen ads for Solitaire Cash everywhere and wondered what the craze is about, this article will reveal whether this game is a scam or lives up to the claims.

Is Solitaire Clash Game Scam Or Legit

Solitaire Clash is a game app where you can play solo Solitaire against others and win but it’s not real money. You compete in tournaments against players of similar skill levels, and the one with the most points wins. You earn points for every card you clear, how quickly you play, and a bonus for clearing the whole deck. First off, the game itself can be fun if you are into solitare. They did good on the game, HOWEVER! Winning real money is a complete scam. You aren’t even playing with real players!!

Can you win money? Yes. Should you spend money on it? Absolutely not. Does it make good money? No. Don’t waste your time on this if you want to make money. My main reason being that one form of currency in this app is “bonus cash” but you can’t withdraw it to your real-life bank account. So, even though you may see your total earnings increase with bonus cash, you can’t actually use it outside of the game.

The Truth About Solitaire Clash: How The Scam Plays Out

First of all their ads are totally misleading. They show someone earning hundreds of dollars on every card play, and that definitely is not how it works! to make matters worse, all it does is make you watch up to 10-30 ads before you can play a game.

They promise cash prizes to get you interested, but when you try to cash out, they say you need to reach at least $100. As you keep playing, you’ll notice more ads popping up, and your winnings start to decrease. Eventually, when you’re almost at the $100 mark, your earnings slow down significantly. You might only make 1 cent every 10 or 20 games, making it nearly impossible to cash out without wasting a ton of time playing. In summary It appears to be intentionally misleading people for profit.

What You Must Know About Before Playing

Firstly, the players you’re up against in the game aren’t real. Their names are just made-up words like “BellLinkSocks.” The game makes them up, along with their scores, every time you play.

Secondly, The game decides your ranking and rewards using a tricky computer program. Sometimes you can come out on top with a low score, but other times, even your best score might leave you at the bottom.

The company that runs this game pays people to write fake 5star reviews. Read the good reviews carefully and you can tell they’re fake. Everybody else gives it 1 star. Even if you win using bonus cash, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings as real money. So, it’s best to avoid spending money on this game if you’re hoping to earn cash rewards

Lastly, The free games are easy compared to the ones where you have to spend real money. When you first start, there are no annoying ads. But once you’ve played a bit and saved up some points, the ads start popping up. If you never spend money on the game, you might notice more ads showing up after a while.

How To Sign Up

  1. Download Solitaire Clash from the App Store if you have an iPhone or from the Galaxy Store or AviaGames website if you have an Android device.
  2. Open the app and choose a username and avatar.
  3. Complete the tutorial to understand how to play the game.
  4. Start a real match by following the instructions in the game.
  5. Once you can, save your account details from the in-game menu.

Users Talk About Their Experiences

Lots of players have shared their dissatisfaction with playing Solitaire Clash Game, A gamer said

I have made some money from solitaire clash, but i have lost way more money than won. Also after a certain point, I just stopped winning, i would always get in like 3rd place consistently, and it would be a game where I get 2000 points on an unsolved deck, but then the two people in front of me get like 4000-5000 points, which is like impossible, because 6000+ points is a solved deck. I also literally tried learning EVERYTHING I could about solitaire to try to get as good and efficient as possible, but no matter how hard I tried”.

30 ads before you can even play a game. Would give zero stars if the option was available

Red Flags Solitaire Clash

  1. Deceptive Ads: The ads make big promises of winning lots of money, but it’s not as easy as they make it seem.
  2. Sneaky Fees: When you try to put money back into your account, they might ask for more money, which doesn’t seem fair after you’ve already won.
  3. Paying Back Prizes: They might expect you to give back prizes you’ve already earned, which doesn’t make sense since you won them fair and square.
  4. Extra Charges for Not Playing: Even if you’re not using the app, they could still charge you a fee, which seems unfair.
  5. Sharing Your Info: They share your personal details with other companies, and sometimes you even have to give them your Social Security number.

Final Thoughts

You can make some cash playing Solitaire Clash, but it’s not likely to be a big money-maker. It’s more of a fun way to pass the time than a serious income source. Since it’s based on skill, not luck, your winnings depend on how good you are compared to other players. However you should know that it’s not worth the money you have to deposit to win and it’s full of false promises.

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