Snatch Me Up Bandage Wrap Review: Does It Really Work?

Should you get the snatch me up bandage wrap or is it another useless tummy belt? Would this bandage wrap effectively flatten your abdomen? Are the claims about this product real or is it just another scam? Read our honest review.

The Snatch me up bandage wrap is an abdomen belt that is currently the rave of the internet due to its bandage-like form. Unlike other tummy belt, the snatch me up bandage is originally that of West Africa people. It was made after the bandage wrapper worn by newly delivered women in West Africa.

Tying the belly after pregnancy is an African method. Like snatch me up bandage wrap, it has the following advantages –

  • It reshapes post partum body shape
  • Helps support lower back muscles so you can move more confidently and comfortably.
  • Relieves back pain, lower back and lumbar pain, sciatica, Tendonitis, stiff or sore muscles, tendons & joints, and more!

In fact, 40% of people who buy the snatch me up bandage wrap do so for lower back pain relief.

How To Use Snatch Me Up Bandage Wrap

  • Stretch this wrap around your waist and tummy
  • Latch it on the Velco present on the wrap
  • Adjust it, depending on how tight you want it to be

Sounds like an ideal product right?

However, there seem to be some inconsistencies about this product. Below, are issues we have with Snatch Me Up Bandage Wrap

Snatch Me Up Bandage Wrap : Complaints

Wrongly Advertised

The snatch me up bandage wrap is advertised as a one size fit all tummy belt, but this is totally false. Our correspondent got the bandage wrap earlier this week, and was totally disappointed with it.

The product doesn’t fit everyone. It is not for people that have a big Stomach, or not plus size women. You will need 2 belts if you have a big stomach.

Where to Buy Snatch Me Up Bandage Wrap Online

There are a handful of online stores selling this waist band, however some of these stores don’t have the original snatch me up bandage. So for safety reasons, it is advised that you buy the bandage wrap on Amazon. Why? Because you can always ask for a refund if the product doesn’t meet your expectation.

Is Snatch Me Up Bandage Wrap a Scam?

Lots of reviews on YouTube show that this tummy belt effectively flatten the abdomen. The only grievances online is that it does not fit everyone. Plus size women and women with big stomach have to use two as one doesn’t do the job properly.

Meanwhile, depending on this product alone for belly fat reduction is not advisable. Wearing the bandage wrap for long hours may cause numbness, bruising, acid reflux, and breathing issues.

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