I Tried Skinvive Injectable Fillers By Juvederm And My Skin Has Never Looked Better

Lately, injectable skin boosters have been getting a lot of attention. With more people opting for non-surgical cosmetic treatments and really focusing on taking care of their skin, these treatments have become super popular. Skinvive by Juvederm claims to offer numerous benefits for the skin.

On google search engine and popular social media handles, The hashtag #Skinvive is blowing up on TikTok, with about 7.9 thousand views, Fans are sharing their experiences and showing off the natural-looking results they’re getting from the treatment. But is it a mere hype? We asked experts and dermatologists on their take concerning this skincare product. This review will share more light.

What does Skinvive By Juvederm Do To Your Face?

Skinvive is making waves as a unique hyaluronic acid microdroplet injection that treats fine lines, roughness, improves skin hydration and skin quality. Unlike other hyaluronic acid fillers that go deep into the skin, The manufacturers claim Skinvive uses a special technique to inject a smooth, thin gel just below the skin’s surface which helps boost hydration and improve the overall quality and texture of your skin. But does it work?

My Before And After Experience

After consulting with Dr. Prager, my skin is cleaned before the liquid is injected into five key points on my face. It starts with each side just next to my ears, then moves onto the nasolabial fold (those laugh lines around the mouth), chin, under the eyes, and on the tops of my cheeks.

I won’t sugarcoat it—it does hurt, but not too much. It’s more of an unpleasant stinging sensation that lasts for about 20 seconds. So, if you’re expecting a relaxing spa treatment, this might not be your thing. But as someone who believes in the “no pain, no gain” mantra, I toughed it out and was relieved when the pain eased up after a few moments.


As for the results, you can start seeing them in about two to three weeks. The doctor says that improved skin hydration is noticeable soon after the first session and full results, including better skin texture and firmness, are seen after the second session. He mentions that the best results usually show up around six weeks later when your body starts producing more collagen.

Pros: The Good Part

  1. Makes your skin more hydrated and smoother.
  2. Gives you a natural look.
  3. Doesn’t add too much volume, just enhances subtly.
  4. It’s less invasive than other treatments.
  5. Results can last for a while

Cons: The Bad

  1. Might hurt a bit during the injections.
  2. Takes a few weeks to see the full results.
  3. Not the best for deep wrinkles or major volume loss.
  4. Can be pricey, especially if you need multiple sessions.
  5. Not available everywhere, so you might have to travel to find a good provider.

How Much Does It Cost

Not exactly cheap, a single session of Survive can cost anywhere between $500 to $3000. This includes the price for several syringes of Skinvive, enough for both cheeks. depending on where you go.

Does Skinvive Work or Overhyped

Yes Skinvive works and is recommended by experts. It happens to be the first hyaluronic acid-based injectable approved by the FDA to improve skin quality. It’s from Juvederm, and unlike other treatments, it’s injected into the dermis—the layer just below the surface of your skin. Right now, it’s only approved for treating cheeks, but there’s a chance it could be approved for other areas in the future.

There are lots of customer reports on Reddit with before and after photos proving the effectiveness of this product.

How Long Does It Take To See Results

so it makes sense that many of us are Google searching ‘how long does Profhilo last’. According to all experts, results generally last for six months (if two treatments are given, one month apart).

After Skinvive treatment, you might notice some plumping right away, but it takes a few weeks for the full results to show up. The results last up to 6 months.

Are There Risks Involved

Yes, After getting Skinvive injections, you might notice some side effects, which is pretty similar to what you might have with other cosmetic injections. They include things like redness, bumps, swelling, bruising, pain, tenderness, firmness, discoloration, and itching.

Who Is It For

If you’re 21 or older and want to improve your skin’s radiance or address early signs of aging like fine lines or dry skin, you can schedule a SkinVive procedure. It’s a good option for those who prefer to avoid laser treatments, microneedling, or chemical peels because it offers similar benefits without the downtime or side effects.

We Compared Skinvive To Sculptra

When comparing SkinVive to other fillers like Sculptra, there are some key differences. Both SkinVive and other fillers like Sculptra are FDA-approved injections that help rejuvenate the skin and make it look better.

The first thing you should consider is your goals and which issues you want to address. If you have something specific in mind, it’s a good idea to talk to your provider. Make sure to research all procedures, including comparing Juvederm to Botox.

For example, if you feel like your face is starting to look too thin, you might prefer trying Sculptra in Charlotte, NC. On the other hand, if you’re more focused on improving your skin’s hydration, then Skinvive could be a better option for you. It might seem a bit oversimplified, but the main point is, if an injectable can help with your skin concerns, it’s worth consulting with a professional about it.


Finally, Skinvive works to improve your skin’s radiance and also address early signs of aging like fine lines or dry skin. It’s a good option for those who prefer to avoid laser treatments, microneedling, or chemical peels because it offers similar benefits without the downtime or side effects.

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