I Tried The Skinbunny Undereye Enhancer So You Don’t Have To

Did you come across ads online promoting the Skinbunny Undereye Enhancer? Well I did. I was quite skeptical before ordering this product as most eye creams don’t achieve anything. However the before and after shots of skin bunny’s under eye enhance on their TV commercials were impressive so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Skinbunny Undereye Enhancer
Skinbunny Undereye Enhancer

Skin Bunny Eye Cream

Skinbunny claims to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles fine lines, eye bags and puffiness. The manufacturers claim it works as instantly to remove wrinkles, bags and dark circles from around the eye area. With the customer reviews i saw on Trustpilot and on Amazon, i knew i needed to give this eye cream a trial.

The ingredients inside

Water, sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminium silicate, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Methylparaben.

My Experience Buying And Using This Product

I ordered the Skinbunny undereye enhancer from skinbunny.com and my order came after 5 days.

I followed the instructions and left the paste on for 30 minutes. I was so disappointed that it did nothing for my face. In fact, my under-eye area looked even more saggy, though it did feel softer.

The instructions say to try two treatments in the first week, so I’ll give it another shot on Tuesday and share my honest opinion. You only get five treatments, which is enough for a month. If it doesn’t work the second time, I’m definitely returning it for a refund.

What I Really Like

  1. It’s very easy to use following the instructions
  2. You can buy it from many online stores

What I Don’t Really Like

  1. It’s very textured and hard to apply properly
  2. it dries a bit crusty and cracks with too many facial expressions
  3. The product is overpriced

Does The Skin Bunny Eye cream Work

Yes it works. But for me I didn’t notice a difference also it left white marks on my face but not sure I would buy again. You have to use just this, if you put anything over the top it doesn’t work.

Facts You Need To Know About Skinbunny.com

There’s no free return, even though they promote it on their page. So, you have to pay to send it back if you’re not happy. The customer service is terrible and the advertising is misleading. I saw this product in Facebook ads, but now I don’t see any ads or comments anymore. The instant eye cream i bought is overpriced. The only thing it does do is leave a white crusty mess on your face.

Reviews From Customers Who Bought The Skinbunny Undereye Enhancer

I had already been using the under eye treatment, so was confident in my purchase of that. I was intrigued to find out, if I would get such good results from the moisturiser. I have found that it goes on easily and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Unfortunately I found this cream to be the same as all the others, leaving a white film over the area. I was very disappointed as after reading such fantastic reviews claiming that there was no white residue I actually believed it and spent my limited funds on this item.

I was given this from a friend as it didn’t work for her. I must admit it do anything for me either went straight in the bin. I’ll use my own product which is amazing. ( product ad used an actress). Not very convincing.

Would I Will Buy Again

Maybe, under eye enhancer for me is just not very good, it’s the same as it’s all ways been white residue and patches no matter how long I shake the bottle, there is tightness which is fine but it’s just not even, and you can not put under eye cream on, so is very drying, which I don’t want.


The reviews of this product had me sold. It does temporarily tighten the under eye area however in doing so it leaves a visible white film, which I’ve ended up trying to clean up but removed the product. It’s expensive for what it achieves and I won’t be buying it again.

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