Shaw Academy Scam: How To Stop Payment To Shaw Academy

Did you subscribe for a free course on Shaw Academy? Are you being charged for courses that you cancelled free trials? I’ve got good news for you! You can get your money back! You can stop the automatic payment to Shaw Academy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re being charged for materials you didn’t buy. Or If you’re being charged for a supposed free one-month subscription. We’ve outlined the steps for getting your money back, and stopping the automatic payment.

Step 1: Inform Your Bank

By this time you must have tried to contact Shaw Academy customer service (Patrick and Roy). You might have hit a wall, like many others. While they’re still trying to resolve the matter from their own end, you should call your bank to block your credit card and file for a dispute claim.

On the other hand, If you paid for Shaw Academy using PayPal, you can disconnect your payment by following the steps in this video:  Go to your account and under merchants remove SHAW ACADEMY.

That’s one smart move that is going to stop future subscription fee from Shaw Academy.

Step 2: Screenshot all The Email Received From Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is going to hit you with words like “subsequently reactivated” claiming you canceled your membership and subsequently reactivated it on the same day. This might make you think you mistakenly accidently clicked on Activate.

If you’re sure you didn’t. You need to send them a screenshot of cancellation email confirmation.

Step 3: Send Subsequent Email To Shaw Academy

Sending a screenshot of subscription cancellation is not where it ends. You need to keep hounding them with valid questions. Ask for an evidence of email confirmation that your account was renewed.

They might try to explain to you that ‘This free trial model is similar to what the likes of Netflix, Spotify and all other subscription providers offer.’ 

Luckily you have so many subscriptions, but they are the ONLY ONE who doesn’t inform the customer that they are going to be charged and that the subscription is due for renewal. There now, is your card, a punch to their gut. Use it!

You can also contact the customer care with these numbers –

+44 24 7542 0779
+353 223 8759

Step 4: Send More Email

Are you frustrated already? Yeah, It happens. Rest assured you’re not the only one who’s going through this ordeal. There are hundreds of reviews on TrustPilot, Betterbusiness, Reddit, etc.

You can check the reviews here –



Better Business Bureau

Afterword – Shaw Academy Scam

From the reviews seen online, Shaw Academy doesn’t seem like a trustworthy online academy. There’re many complaints alleging that it partakes in a cancellation scam, otherwise known as refund scam.

Thousands of people have filed a petition on to have Shaw Academy investigated. More than three hundred people have filed a complaint on OnlinestudyAustralia. Same old tale; charged for a cancelled free course.

Are you one of such people? Do you think you have been by Shaw Academy? Share your experience in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this post to your family and friends! You might be saving someone. You can also bookmark this website for future alerts.

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