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Salgant Com Reviews: Horrible Store! See Genuine Review

Salgant Review: Is a legit store to buy bedding sets and carpets? or is scam? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Salgant Website, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is ? Is It Legit?

Salgant Com is an online store that is selling different kinds of home accessories like carpets, bedding sets, Water tracker bottle, tapestry, e.t.c .

Are you planning to shop from ?

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review. Specification

Salgant Store is located on- https://www.

They provide the following contact details-

Mail- [email protected]

should you have a reason to worry about store?

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Why Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

Misleading Information claims it has been operating since 2019, however when we checked, we discovered this store is barely a month old. It was registered on April 2020.

Unbelievable Discount

Salgant Store uses it low price as a bait to make you shop from them. As we have observed from many fraudulent websites, this is just a way for them to get shoppers trooping to their store.

No Online Presence does not provide social media buttons on its page. It has no Facebook page, or even an instagram page. There is no way we can see past experiences or reviews from customers.

Zero Customer Support

This store does not provide a phone number or company address. Even when we tried to reach the store with the mail address provided, our mails were never replied.

What We Found about!

At first glance, Salgant com appears to be a legitimate online store selling home accessories. On further inspection, the store does not provide a return address, has no online presence, and does not reply mails.

Just like Stylishmodewe, Peiwq, Patchamperes, Playsetskids, Noatanice, kznice, lures you with low prices, but when you order for the items they send you an inferior quality, a different cheap item, or they don’t send you anything at all.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. Beware. Salgant shows the same pictures/items for sale on its website as Luxetric, a site I have a real problem with.
    I ordered a rug on April1, 2020 from Luxetric, and had my credit card debited by “Printabel” through PayPal on April 3, 2020. (PayPal shows no activity on my account. Odd.)
    Luxetric doesn’t answer my emails. The rug came after 6 weeks but is of poor quality and not worth the $54.90 I paid. I got the bank involved. Hopefully, I’ll get reimbursed for the rug. Can’t return it because Luxetric/Salgant don’t have a physical address.
    I’m blaming Facebook for letting bogus companies like these dupe folks on their site. These comments Amir’s keep changing names so they’re hard to prosecute. Just google the company before you make a purchase. Learned my lesson. And use your credit card. The bank should back you up. They won’t if you use a debit card.

    1. Kathy
      I ordered a blanket and have the same issue! No word back and says pending when I put the shipping number in!
      Very disappointing.

    2. I had the same experience with pluswim….advertised on Facebook under different names. Wrong size, no return address, no packing slip. Everyone should investigate before they purchased. Never again will I buy off Facebook unless I investigate the company.

      1. It takes about 6 weeks. I got a wrong item. They offered to only refund me 30%. Excuse me? You need to refund me all that I paid. On top of that they told me to pay for shipping to China, to return the wrong item they sent.

    3. I had the exact same experience. Only it took 8 weeks for my purchase (bedspread) to arrive. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! It looked more like a sheet than a bedspread, and the quality was pitiful.

      1. I got a bedspread also, it took 3 months , I emailed them a few time & they replied back just be patient! Well it here & a flimsy sheet duvet! What a joke

    4. I ordered a rug over 2 months ago. It came today folded up in a square piece of plastic. It is terrible quality . It feels like a piece of felt. Nothing like a rug. So disappointed. And I paid over $100 for it. And it is very small. Learned my lesson. Just wanted to put this out there so others don’t fall for their scam…..

      1. I ordered a floral rug for my dressing room for mothers day gift…it finally arrived today and it is apiece of I dont know what. it has a felt backing and top is like a felt also. its 5×8 but awful quality, like something from the fair!
        many emails were sent with odd replies. NEVER AGAIN!

    5. thanks to all of you I placed an order over 4 months ago I have not received my order and can’t get in contact with anyone they got me for about 100.00. I will never order them again. Thank You!

  2. Salgant is a scam. They have interesting products -so they seduced me into buying some of there products.
    Unfortunately the company doesn’t exist. My charge card company is trying to track them down with no success.

  3. Thank you so much for this information. I also was about to order a beautiful quilt. I was looking for their website but couldn’t find it. I stumbled on this website and boy am I glad.

    1. I was also scammed. I made a complaint through PayPal when they didn’t send my merchandise. Salgant (aka MeWe Galleries) sent me some laughable items that barely resembled the beautiful items I ordered.

  4. I bought from me we and now the same times are on being offered through salgant. I never received my items or a confirmation email. Do not order from these sites. Pay pal is a scam too as they don’t care that they are fraudulant!!!

  5. The worst scenario I have ever come across with this so called company with many names – I have not heard a word from them and they were super quick to take money from my account – sent me a rug which was repulsive and which I did not order -( Iordered the large rainbow rug, am still awaiting this order to arrive) – which I sent back at great expense and am still awaiting my refund – having ordered on the evening of 25 December, 2019- cost of th e large rug plus 58.00 dollars in postage – appalling so called company – Facebook needs to get in touch with these people who run this dodgy company and have them struck off once they have squared all orders off and or returned the refunds application able. Beware i would definitely not buy anything from these numerous names , including Salgado as well

  6. I was filling out my order form and had a “sixth sense” that something might not be right. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I will NOT order from this company!

  7. I ordered a king size floor for my bed. The cost was $80.95. It finally arrived, but was not the one that I ordered. I emailed their customer service and they offered to send me a check for 30% of what I paid, or I could send it back, pay the shipping myself, and they would send the correct product. I know how expensive it is to ship to Hong Kong, So I don’t consider that an option, especially because there is no specific address to return the product. Do not do not do not order from this company!

  8. SALGANT or Ruggeden is a scam. I placed an order in April 2020 for an 8′ x 5′ foot rug. I thought it odd that l never received a conformation e-mail with an order number. Weeks passed, l sent an e-mail inquiring about the order. I recieved a bogus message saying it had been shipped, with a bogus tracking number. My rug has never come period.l have contacted other customers and they have similar stories that are much the same. Do not buy from this company!

    1. Well, I just want to cry -I was so excited about the beach comforters and rugs that I bought two king size spreads and an area rug. I placed the order this past Saturday. WHY DIDN’T I DO MY RESEARCH FIRST -UGH – palm-to-forehead!

      I am so disappointed that FB allows these fraudulent companies to advertise.

      I wonder if I will ever get my order? Lesson Learned!

  9. I have the exact same issue, ordered from what I thought was a legit company ad on FaceBook. MeWe drafted my PayPal account. No product and no confirmation, no nothing. I have escalated to PayPal but with name changes of who you order from and who drafts, I have little confidence that I’ll ever see my 75 dollars. Horrible experience! Oh, BTW, it appears from FB ads that they have changed their name again!

    1. yes they will steal your money that is so shameful they got me for 100.00 ordered a kitchen rug but never received the rug and never got my money back. I cant reach them and no phone number. BITCHES

    1. I ordered a quilt also and it took 2 1/2 months to come in and it is NOT what i ordered at all. Very cheap feels like sheets not a quilt and not even the same color or style i ordered. I will probably NEVER get my money back

  10. Ordered stuff May 22. Sent an email that it wAs delayed. Ask to track. It went to Jamaica. Now I just received a message they tried to deliver(where). Someone is almost always there. Now it’s going back to the company. I need help

  11. I also ordered a blanket, not received can’t get a response back. When i check my emails that I have sent, shows i never sent? 70 dollars down the drain

  12. In June 4th I ordered a rug from this company and ON the the 5th the money was removed from my account.. it is now the 22 June and still no rug nor a way to speak to someone… Very aggravating.. I have sent them a message from the website they have … and NO REPLY BACK.. ….. I’m out 73.00 BUCKS!

  13. I placed an order was given a shipping tracking number and it’s not found with DHL. It’s been over a month.

  14. I ordered what was supposed to be a comforter set,but actually it is a sheet with a zipper and faded campers. I payed $80 for trash. Do not order from them. I forgot to mention it took 4 months to get it. I am so upset. What a major let down. I really just want to burn the stupid thing. Thanks for nothing,but crap.

    1. me too! I ordered a quilt with 2 pillow shams and i got ugly sheets that don’t even come close to the pattern i ordered. I hate it!! Also it took 3 months to get here

  15. Yep. I got taken on a rug. Never received the item and my credit card was charged. Tracking number for shipment was bogus. Very disappointing. I should have known better.

  16. This merchant is a fraud. I had been looking for a specific quilt set and obviously through my cookie trail Salgant popped up on my Facebook feed. I was stupid enough to fall for it and made the purchase. They advertise licensed products, then it took three weeks to finally receive the merchandise and what was received was nothing remotely like what was ordered. It cannot even be described as a knock-off! It was two pieces of material backyard-like sewn together with a zipper on the top. The pattern was even different. There’s no labels. It is not a licensed product and does not even resemble the picture they used. I emailed them at their Customer Service link on their website. They offered to give me 30% of my money back or I could ship the merchandise back to Hong Kong and they would evaluate a refund. I have filed a claim with my financial institution. Buyers beware!

    1. I also ordered a quilt set and it took 3 months to arrive.. Just rec’d yesterday and I am very upset….. even though they took the money the day after i ordered it. What i rec’d was a cheap sown together sheet set that didn’t even come close to the design i ordered. Very upsetting.

  17. be aware they are a big scammers. DO NOT BUY anything in this Website. they show a picture of one article and they send a totally different item.

  18. Buyer BEWARE. Salgant is a SCAM & ripoff. What I received 6 weeks after my order was a cheap, hideous product which was not what I ordered, There is no customer service, they provide no address or phone number. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from these scam artists!

  19. Total scam! More than a disappointment. I ordered a quilt for my mother who is in a nursing home. It was $50 which would be a very responsible price for the item I thought I was purchasing. I received cloth that had the image of the quilt on it. When I contacted them about this they (Mattie Grant) said I could return it an my own cost. That would be $49 for shipping to:Costco Tower Queen’s Road Central, Sheung WAN, Hon Kong Island.

  20. Faite attention, j’ai commandé une douillette depuis 4 semaines et j’ai pas eu de suivi de ma commande. J’ai même envoyer un message par email et j’ai toujours pas eu de retour. C’est des ARNAQUEURS!!!!!!!! J’ai perdu 115$ sérieux faite attention à qu’es que vous acheter en ligne.

  21. Always use PayPal when buying from a seller you haven’t dealt with, also do your research before buying anything, there are a lot of dodgy people only too willing to scam your hard earned !

    1. I USED PAY PAL, With an order from Salgent, also called Me we GALLERY…rugs…200.00…money came out immediately…ordered in May…still received nothing and my escalation to a claim with Pay pal a week ago…no word back…your not safe using Paypal with these scam companies

  22. I ordered a round guitar rug from for $80.00 on sale. What I received was a cheap paper floor mat. When I emailed them for a return, they responded that it would take along time to get back to them and I had to pay for the shipping. Then they offered me 30% off and I keep this junk. I said no and that I wanted a full refund. They have not responded back to me. Do NOT use this site. I am calling my bank to dispute the charges.

  23. I am kicking myself in the backside right now. I ordered 2 quits and a rug, and received one supposed quilt that is nothing like the one I ordered. The return add on package is from Jamaica NJ, but there is no company name, no packing slip, nothing. I had emailed them and had hoped it was sent in error or not by them, still waiting on a reply. After realizing there is no contact info on their site, and reading there return policy, cancellation policy, and returns of sale items, along with reading all the dissatisfied customer complaints I am sure I was scammed out of 187.00.. I hate I didn’t check company out first like I should have.. I think I will see if my bank will file fraud charges, I won’t get anything capt maybe some satisfaction of being a pain in their butt.


    1. I’m still waiting for my rug ! I feel Facebook should reimburse all of us who have not gotten our items or money back for allowing a company who scams people advertise on Facebook. I feel they are also to blame

  25. Please stay away from these scammers. My partner ordered a rug which turned up in a plastic bag, it was not a rug but a paper mat.. would pay $200 for a poor quality paper mat? Save your money don’t buy from these crooks.

  26. I ordered a doormat when it arrived it was a cheap look alike mat. I paid fifty dollars it wasn’t wort 5. I sent them a message requesting a refund. Judging by the comments I’ve read I guess there isn’t any chance of that. I only wish I would have read these comments before ordering.

  27. I ordered a so called throw. It was the right size, but it looked like 2 cheap sheets sewn together. The print was pretty but was printed on the sheet. On the website, it looked like quilt, not so at all. Also it took a month to arrive. I had just about given up on even getting it. Do yourself a favor, find another site to order from or wait till the real stores open again.

  28. I have been ripped off by this store. I paid $ 90 for a bedspread ( Hawaiian Palms ). I did not hear anything for almost 5 weeks after I placed the order. Then I wrote and told them that I have not received the Bedspread as of yet to cancel ,to which I got the reply that it is too late and I cannot do that. Well, yesterday I got a bag in the mail with no packing slip in it and a totally different and cheap looking bedspread is not anywhere close to the one in the picture that I had ordered. I am now realising that these people are fake and cheat people.

  29. I ordered and received my items (2 duvets and pillow cases) from Salgant.
    I ordered from Salgant before checking reviews online. When I didn’t receive an order confirmation, I started to investigate and was sure I just got scammed. I was able to find a customer service email online for Salgant and messaged them. I got a vague reply so was still skeptical. After several follow up emails with vague replies and reading more reviews online, I noticed the same items advertised on FaceBook ads under 4 different names with a month (Salgant, Rugket, Luxudora and Popcabit) so I was preparing to lodge a claim with PayPal. I was sure the tracking info provided was also part of the scam. I was waiting for the tracking info to update to say my items said they were delivered to start my claim. I was shocked when my packages were delivered, items were as described. I ordered on May 27, 3030 and received both packages June 30, 2020.
    I consider myself lucky I got what I ordered after reading all the complaints but felt I had to post my experience.

  30. I ordered a quilt over a month ago and have not received it. The tracking shows it going all over including Jamaica! I do not know if I will ever get it. Tried to contact Salgant but no one ever replied back to me. I would not buy from them!!!

  31. Ordered 4 rugs from this company. Received only 2. Paid $339.80. Rugs are not rugs. They are foam backed Dollar Store bath mats. The pattern, ‘print’ rather, is a photo transfer onto this cheap material. The large rug is so blurred and fuzzy it literally makes you dizzy. Have e-mailed back and forth to no avail. Now I’m told to mail them to Hong Kong Island for a POSSIBLE 30% refund! Yeah! That will happen. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY………..COMPLETE SCAM!

  32. The quilt I got in the mail is not even close to what I ordered. It is made with cheap material, is flimsy, colors bled into each other, feels cheap and definitely looks like a cheap mess. . Of course they didn’t send any return information., they didn’t respond to my email, and there is no phone number anywhere. That should tell you what kind of unprofessional company they are.

    1. They sent me 2 sheets poorly sewn together when I ordered a comforter. Not at all the design I ordered like you, but get this, the pillow covers had Dawn and Greg on them…..I don’t even know a Dawn and Greg!

  33. I ordered a queen size quilt. What I received after a 6 week wait was a duvet cover of two cheap quality sheets that aren’t even the same print as the picture. I have emailed them and no response.
    Facebook need to be accountable for the scam companies the allow to advertise on the site!!
    Now on to PayPal to try and get a complaint started

  34. Hello,
    I agree with the lack of contact info for this co, with the exception of the email address noted. However, I just received part of my order, ordered back in March. At first, I was afraid to open the, very thin, packages. I did not want to pay return postage on a bad quality. I though of returning the unopened packages to avoid said fees. I must say, I was , originally dissapointed when I felt how thin the carpet runner was, but on removing it from its package, the carpet feels soft, very light weight, but appears nicely sewn on the edges. And, the runner is soft and has a very bright color quality, as shown in the online photos. I have yet to receive the bed set.
    It is understandable that the company claimed it had been in business for years. Like one padding a resume. The more experience one has, the more comfortable people are. It is no doubt using drop shipping. Still, I do not understand the lack of a customer service phone number, or address. However,p I have received a response when I communicated via the email address given. Note: I also shop through PayPal and can dispute any purchase , if I am not happy, or if the company does not provide the items they claim. I hope this helps. Oh, I am handicap so the light weight carpet , and runner will be much easier for me to take to the laundrymat, or clean myself. I must go back on their site to read care instructions again. Aside from the very long wait for my items, I am happy with the carpets at first glance. Time will tell how they wear, and if they hold the color.
    Marcia H.
    N. Berwick, ME

  35. I just posted my opinion on items received fron this company. I like them so far. Please read detailed review.

  36. There are two address on my packages, a different address on each package. The pkg for the larger carpet has a return address of:
    148-08 Guy R Brewer Blvd ( sounds like a persons name, minus the Blvd) Jamaica, NY 11434

    Other pkg for carpet runners has this return address: :
    Return 4 Disposal Service
    13901 Yorba Ave
    Chino, CA. 91710
    That address sounds like they trash what is sent back.
    I have requested a return address for a duplicated item.
    I’m hoping for a response soon.

  37. Salgant, listed as MEWE on Facebook, billed my PayPal under MEWE. I placed my orders via FB MEWE
    Marcia H.

  38. Just received a blanket I ordered back in April. Very bad quality! I loathe people like that. Facebook should be ashamed for letting this on that platform… will be deleting Facebook

  39. Salgant is a joke!! I ordered a king size QUILT and received a queen size duvet that had a screen print design..fighting with them through PayPal now..all they wanted to do was give me a 30% mad!!!

  40. I just got scammed by them. Received wrong item. They are not refunding me the whole amount I paid. On top of that, they want me to pay shipping to China to return the wrong item. We’ve got to all complain to Better Business Beureau.

  41. My elderly husband ordered a beautiful blue cross quilt on line around mid April, he paid via credit card, but doesn’t remember which one, & we paid off our credit cards, so we don’t have any resources to turn to so looks like we have lost the $90.00 + that we spent. We have ordered a lot of things on line & this is the first time we have been defrauded.

  42. The picture of the flip flop bedding doesn’t look any like the picture. I received a duvet with extremely poor quality. I found out after I order is a scam, so no bother to even attempt to return it or contact merchant. Hard lesson,

  43. Ordered 2 rugs from salgent…through my pay pal account…felt safe because paypal doesn’t pay until item ships….not this time. Took money same day…ordered in May….this is July…got a tracking number…said in Transit..once in Cal. Then in Orlando…got excited, thinking my 200.00 rugs were close….but today it says back in California…contacted PayPal with a claim….have heard nothing….this is a Terrible sight to order from…DONT DO BUSINESS WITH SALGENT ALSO CALLED MEWE GALLERY…

  44. They do not send you what you order and there’s no way to return or complain.
    I wish Facebook would try and have honest sellers on their site. No way to take action!!

  45. Do not order from this company! The product received is nothing like the picture! It is a piece of cheap print fabric! Buyers beware!! I have been duped!

  46. I ordered the rug with a peacock on it and expected it to be of good quality as I paid $139.99 for it. When I got it, the postal service was able to fit it in my mailbox, along with the other mail. I ordered the one that was 7’x9’ and expected it to be bulky and heavy. It probably weighs 3-4 lbs. at the most. It is very thin and feels more like a microfiber blanket than a large rug, and has a rubber backing. The rug should have been priced at $29-$39 max. It also took almost 3 months to get it to me. Save your money and go to Lowe’s or Home Depot if you want a nice area rug. Their prices are comparable and quality is great!

  47. I too have ordered from salgant. I did receive something of poor quality n the wrong size. I too never received a response back from my repeated email attempts. Do not order from this company u will be throwing your money away. A very bad experience indeed.

  48. Same deal, I’m doing the same with my bank. Crap I wish I would have read these reviews first, I usually do. Good luck

  49. I ordered a bedspread. It took over 12 weeks to receive. It was not what I ordered at all. Totally different colors and very cheap looking. Had no invoice or any information in the bag. Dorothy will not respond to my emails. I can truly say I have been SCAMMED. My cost was $80.

  50. Same experience here – ordered a rug – it shipped 32 days after it was ordered and arrived in a 19″ x 12″ plastic pouch. More like a picnic blanket than a rug. Since PayPal knows about this site I have to ask why they are still allowing funds to be transferred there.
    Name the funds were sent to is MEWE GALLERY COMPANY LIMITED.


  52. Oh my, after finally receiving what they call a bedspread , I was so disappointed . It took forever and had to get PayPal involved. . Then I received a tracking invoice. Imagine that! The bedspread is 2, I repeat 2. Very thin pieces of material sewn together. I have sheets thicker than this. Think twice before ordering from these people. I want a refund, but my chances of that are slim to none! So angry !!!!

  53. This company or what ever it is a scam. Poor quality. Ordered a rug took 2 or months to receive it. When it did come very disappointed. it was not the size, the design was not what I ordered. Please any one wanting to order take are advise. Skip it and walk away. All of this is true

  54. I ordered what appeared to be a beautiful sealife scene area rug and received a printed version of the scene on a cheap blanket. I promptly returned the item to their Jamaica, NY address and requested money back to CS email. They recently acknowledged to return the money so I’m only out
    The return shipping.

  55. Don’t order. I received my quilt but it had rips in the material. After multiple emails back and forth that included pictures, I was told that they would send another. After waiting months, I was told to “be patient”. On my last and final correspondence, they responded as if they didn’t know what I was referring to and offered a discount on a future purchase.

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