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Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Giveaway- Another Scam!

We have had readers sending us mails about a supposed Jayco 2020 Senaca RV giveaway going viral on Facebook. The post claims that you only need to like and share.

This is quite funny.

The question you should ask yourself is this; why would Jayco 2020 allow you go through this stress?

Please spare yourself the ‘This must be a Goodwill prompted by the COVID-19’ thought.

The Truth About Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Giveaway

We’ve seen this happen countless times. From Costco, Aldo, to bath&body, Wholefoods, and now Jayco. All Voucher giveaway scams which was created by scammers.

They are simply playing with your intelligence. No matter how many times you share the post, you wouldn’t receive anything.

Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Giveaway Scam on Facebook

How does it work?

The RV giveaway is like other scams that operate on a principle known as “like farming.” The name of the like-farming game is “engagement”. The more engagement a post gets in the form of likes and shares, the more Facebook’s algorithm pushes it to newsfeeds. The more people who see such a post, the more likely they will engage with it.

What Does Facebook Scam Giveaway Do?

Here are a few of the things these Facebook giveway scam are designed to do:

  • Hijacked profiles
  • Collection of personal info like birthdates and email addresses
  • Exposure of friends lists, IP addresses, and device information
  • Exposure to malware
  • Scamming you out of money

The best thing to do when you see such giveaway scams, is to try locate the official website of the company and file a report.

If you see a Jayco RV giveaway on social media, always go to their website at to verify.

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