Roof Maxx Reviews: Is It A Scam? An Unbiased Opinion

Ever wondered if there’s a magic fix for your roof that could make it last longer? Maybe you’ve heard about Roof Maxx and are curious if it’s worth the buzz. Wondering if it lives up to the hype, This review will help you decide if it is worth your money.

What Is Roof Maxx

Roof Maxx is a company that sells a unique solution for roof shingles. They have a special plant-based bio-oil spray that replaces the oils in asphalt roof shingles, preventing them from getting brittle over time. The manufacturers claim it’s totally safe for people and pets, and it can make your roof last way longer, like up to five years more with just one treatment. It is applied as a spray-on coating and dries to form a clear, protective film. Is Roof maxx any good?

Here is what Roof Maxx offers

  1. Special Sealant that extends the lifetime of your shingle roof
  2. 5 years transferable warranty
  3. Professional assistance
  4. Roof Maxx improves flexibility, a crucial factor for a healthy roof.
  5. Applying Roof Maxx also amps up granule adhesion beneath the asphalt layer, adding to the roof’s resilience.
  6. it all comes at a lower cost compared to some alternatives.

How It Works

  1. Cleaning Process: A trained technician will come and clean your roof using a powerful pressure washer to get rid of dirt.
  2. Application of Roof Maxx: After cleaning, they will apply Roof Maxx in a thin layer all over. It soaks into the shingles.
  3. Instant Difference: Right after the treatment, you’ll see a change. Shingles become more flexible, and your roof gets a new lease on life.

Testing Roof Max On My 5 year Old Roof Sheets

I had roof cleaning due to dark mold and moss growth. I didn’t know if my roof needed to be replaced (5 years old but no problems so far) and wasn’t sure of my options. Nate and his team from Roof Maxx came and did their thing fixed, Checked my roof, fixed the cracks and gave me a quote. He was friendly and great at keeping me in the loop about everything. They were able to make some minor repairs and treat the existing roof in a little over an hour. 

But nowhere did it look like the advertisements seen on the amount used. Make sure to double check their calculations on amount square footage and find out how much material is to be placed before having them do the work and then check it afterwards. I’m still waiting to see if the organic chem they sprayed works as well as they say.

Roof Max Pros: What I Like

  1. The Roof Maxx crew did a solid job inspecting, prepping, and fixing cracks on my roof before the treatment.
  2. They’re a friendly bunch and kept me in the loop about every step.
  3. The team did a good job guys.

Roof Max Cons: What I Didn’t Quite Like

  1. The amount of material used didn’t quite match the fancy ads. Just a heads up to double-check their calculations on square footage.
  2. It’s a waiting to see if the organic chem they sprayed works as amazingly as they claim.

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Is Roof Maxx Scam Or Legit? Customer Reports And Complaints

No it is not a scam. Roof Maxx solution for your roof does not really last. You’ll likely need to redo it every few years because it will wear out. Also customers are complaining that there are problems with contracts, customer service, and the service itself. Some even mentioned issues with their roofs after the job is done. Plus, there are claims that the roof price goes up after you sign the contract. A customer report said

 I called for a quote and received a proposal and contract via email. Upon signing said contract I was told that I would be contacted for scheduling. I did not hear from anybody until approximately one and a half months later at which point a date was set. It was requested that I prepare the site in order to have any vehicles or other objects removed from the location in order to keep the chemicals off of them. Over a month later I was contacted again via email and advised I would be contacted for scheduling. Based on the reviews posted, this seemed out of character for this company but I opted out regardless.


How Much Does It Cost

On their website back in March 2020, they said this treatment is about 20% of what it would cost to get a whole new shingle roof. Translation: it’s a bit pricey. Expect to pay around $2,000 to $2,400 on average.


Roof Maxx claims to improve flexibility, enhance permeability, and boost granule adhesion on your roof. I’m still waiting to see if the organic chem they sprayed works as well as they say.


  1. Are there any lawsuits involving Roof Maxx?
    • In late 2020, Roof Maxx took Greener Shingles and its owner Bruce Robinson to court. They were accusing them of spreading misleading info about Roof Maxx’s roof product. Roof Maxx even said that during the whole legal mess, Greener Shingles messed with evidence, like deleting emails and other electronic stuff.
  2. Have there been complaints about Roof Maxx sealers?
    • I haven’t come across widespread complaints about Roof Maxx sealers.
  3. Where can I find Roof Maxx services near me?
    • To find Roof Maxx services near you, You need to visit their official website.

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