Harala Activewear Clothing Store Review: Testing The Viral Harala Leggings

Did you come across those TikTok videos about Harala online clothing store? Do you want to buy a set of leggings or your next summer dresses from its website and wondering if it’s really as good as they say it is? Read this review to find out if it will be worth your money.

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and wearing the viral Harala leggings to help you make an informed decision.

Overview Of The Harala Activewear Clothing Store

Harala is a women’s clothing store that sells stuffs like leggings, joggers, yoga sports bras, skirts and dresses etc. They’ve got sizes from XS to 4X and a bunch of bright colors to choose from. This women-led brand has a broad collection of athleisure wear, they ship their quality materials internationally, and customers have given them top-notch ratings. But should you shop from Harala.com? Here is my take

My Experience Shopping From Harala.com

I was on fence about hitting that order button because, i’m pretty skeptical about brands that flood your Instagram with ads especially the ones with those computer voice reels. But their stuffs looked good and shopping on their website was easy to navigate, so I took the plunge. Ordered a pair of leggings and a dress. The order took two weeks to arrive.

Now, sizing had me scratching my head. Online, it said a medium (8-10), but during checkout, it showed (7/8) next to my items. When they finally arrived, I love the leggings, it was a perfect fit, and it was pretty comfortable to wear not too tight or too loose as I thought it would be because of the confusion with the sizing chart.

But the dress? the armholes were too tight for me so i decided to return it, but they want me to pay for the return, i did not expect that.

Harla Leggings Pros: What I Fancy

  1. The leggings were ok, they fit me perfectly.
  2. Sizing online was a bit confusing, but once the items arrived, it wasn’t as big of a mess as I expected.
  3. Love how the leggings turned out – not too tight, not too loose, just right.

Harla Leggings Cons: What I Don’t Really Like

  1. Now, the dress, The armholes were tighter which was not comfortable.
  2. The confusion with sizing during checkout was a headache. It said medium (8-10), but at the end, it showed (7/8).
  3. The return policy – not a fan. Wanted to send back the not-so-great dress, but they’re making me pay for it.

Is Harala A Legit or Scam Online Clothing Store?

Yes it is a legit women’s clothing store and not a scam. However, you should know that returning their products can be quiet a hassle and you have to pay postage to return any item. Also, Harala’s sizing chart seems to be off most times, in my case the dresses were too tight and lots of customer reports on Reddit have reported similar experiences. The company ships their product from China, Vietnam and Philippines.

Return Policy

Within 30 days from the purchase date, Halara allows returns and exchanges. To qualify, the product must be unused, unworn, and in saleable condition. Make sure to have the receipt handy for the return or exchange process. If you have issues, reach out to their Customer service: [email protected].

Where To Buy

You can buy Harala clothing from their official website, harala.com. They have discounts sells with coupon codes available for back Friday deals available as at the time of writing this review. The pricing is usually from $35 upwards.

I also tested the viral Fanka Leggings

How To Wash

  1. Check the care label for washing instructions.
  2. Separate light and dark colors.
  3. Turn clothes inside out.
  4. Use mild detergent; avoid bleach.
  5. Choose a gentle or delicate wash cycle.
  6. Wash in cold water.
  7. Iron on a low setting if needed.

How To Get The Right Measurement

  1. Check the size chart
  2. Use a tape to measure yourself and compare these measurements to the size chart.
  3. Think about your preferred fit. Some people like a looser fit, while others prefer a tighter style.


Harala is a semi-sustainable women clothing brand that offers a lot of athleisure wear. Harala’s sizing chart seems to be off most times, in my case the dresses were too tight and returning it required extra postage fees.


  1. Is Harala a sustainable and ethical clothing brand?
    • No Harala is not an ethical clothing brand and their cloths are semi sustainable.
  2. Are there any available coupon codes for Harala purchases?
    • Yes there are, you need to keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletter for any ongoing promotions and coupon codes.
  3. Does Harala have a mobile app for shopping?
    • As of now, Harala doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, but you can shop on their website from your mobile device.
  4. Do they offer a variety of skirts or just athleisure wear?
    • Harala has a variety of athleisure wear for women, including skirts.
  5. What is the return policy for Harala products?
    • Harala has a 30 days return policy. You can always reach out to their customer service if you have issues.

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