Tvidler Ear Cleaner – Is It Safe or a Scam? Honest Review

Are you looking for a less messier way of getting rid of ear wax? Do you want to buy Tvidler ear cleaner? Is it a scam or a better alternative to cotton buds? find out from this honest review.

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Tvidler is a spiral ear wax removal tool that helps clean the ears effectively. It works this way – reaches deeper than a cotton swab, then rotates to remove more buildup from the sides of your ear canals.

Sounds like a wonder tool right? However, the major concern is how safe this ear cleaner really is. Does it do any damage to the ear carnal?

Is Tvidler Safe For Ear Wax Remover?

According to Dr. Pate, ear cleaner spiral tools like Tvidler could accidentally puncture your eardrum and cause permanent hearing loss. When you search “earwax removal tools” online, you’ll find many of these types of tools claim to be safe for earwax removal. However, they can be dangerous to use in your ear.

A common way to clean your ears safely involves an earwax softener. The kit usually uses a type of oil or hydrogen peroxide to soften the wax. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying Tvidler

Shady Discount Offer

 The 50% discount pop-up is actually a hoax. It adds multiple Tvidler to your cart. In the end, instead of one Tvidler, you get charged for four. There is no confirmation screen so you don’t know what they have added until it is paid for (PayPal).

I recently ordered one product when I came across a ‘half-price sale’ online. Tvidler increased my order size during the checkout process without making ANY sign of this visible on the checkout page. I clicked ‘pay now’ for a transaction costing €24.90, and was then brought to a confirmation page saying I had been charged €80.86. The email invoice that followed showed that they had added on 4 extra products without my permission! 


Fake Money Back Guarantee claims to offer a 30 days return policy but this isn’t true. When customers ask for a refund they’re told to  pay for a return shipping to Lithuania. Meanwhile, the company also charges a 15% restocking fee. In the end, customers are stuck with unwanted products.


The company has paid people to leave positive reviews on TrustPilot. These false reviews all come from ‘Invited’ profiles and of course look fake. The same with the website The customer profiles and reviews are fictitious. When you reverse image search on the pictures of supposed customers, you’d hit a can of worms!

Below is the result you get when you image search the customer ‘Sinan Limani’


Tvidler is a viral ear wax remover tool that lures buyers with a 50% discount offer. In reality, the offer is a scam. Customers gets charged more, and receive more than the quantity ordered. Meanwhile, real user reviews show that Tvidler is not a safe tool for removing ear wax. In some cases it caused ear ache, damage to the ear canal, and ear infection.

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