The Truth on Remifa Windpower: Scam Snow Removal

Remifa Windpower 1500W Electric Portable Heater have been popping up on my Facebook and TikTok page claiming to be a powerful gadget that’s great for clearing snow fast during the winter period but I discovered it’s an outright scam.

This gadget, priced from $99.90 to $199.90, promises to clear all the snow from your windshield and car super quickly. It’s portable so you just put it on your dashboard or carry it around with you. I’ve archived an example of a website screenshot selling this device.

Remifa Windpower 1500W Electric Portable Scam

I got lured in by ads on my Facebook wall and after watching the enticing video, I was convinced this device will work to defrost the snow on my car. This is not the first time I’ve ever seen such a device so it is not fairly new in the market.

My order took 4 weeks to arrive from however the product I got was completely different from the item I saw online. I was expecting something heavy that can clear snow better but instead I got a handheld fan. There is no way this fan can blow appropriate breeze talk more of clearing snow on my car. I have tried to return the product by reaching out to the customer service info on their website but that appears to be a dead end. Now I’m stuck with a hand fan I never wanted in the first place.

The Truth About The Remifa Windpower 1500W Electric Portable Blower

The manufacturers behind the Remifa Windpower 1500W Electric Portable device claim it’s powerful enough to push snow and melt ice but that’s a gimmick. When you order you get a completely different item in my case a portable mini handheld fan costing $45.99 like the one below:

Secondly, The websites selling this product use artificial intelligence to create videos showing the Remifa Windpower device clearing driveways and melting ice. Also, none of the online reviews show customers who have actually received this item.

Thirdly, this product is being sold on unreliable websites like, where I noticed a perfect 5.00 customer rating with fake positive reviews everywhere. I’ve seen a similar fake product on a website like Seurico advertising an electronic snow and ice melter all over the internet. It changes its website daily and has gotten onto Amazon under various names.

Victims Of This Prevalent Scam Speak Out

Here are some testimonials from people on Trustpilot who have fallen victim of this scam:

Not what was advertised! Ordered the Remifa Windpower 1500 W Electric Portable heater blower and got some Cheap low powered fan. C/S Email does not work.

I ordered the heater blower for snow removal and received a cheaply made copy cat item which would be worth no more than 1 dollar in a Chinese market in Beijing. Email address is fake, so refund will be impossible. Stay far away

I ordered 2 remits power 1500w electric portable heater blowers for $59.97. I received 2 cheap plastic fans that don’t even work. The email comes back as failure notice. I just want what I paid for

Can Snow Removal Devices Like Remifa Windpower Melt Snow? Our Opinion

No, The only way to melt snow or ice is to heat it. So, either using infrared (which is basically heat so it would require EXACTLY as much heat as if you heated your car interior to try to melt the outside snow on it, and even if you turn their insides into sauna level of heat it won’t do much to the snow outside except in the windows), or using microwaves that are frequency tuned to vibration frequency of water molecules. Which would just so happen to also cook *YOU*.

There is no way a handheld fan would provide enough power to melt a snow. This is so obviously a scam.

Are There Any Quick Ways to Get Snow Off Your Car or Windshield?

Well, there’s no super-fast gadget that can do it instantly. But, there are some simple tricks and tools that can help.

One popular trick is using a windshield blanket. You just cover your windshield with it overnight, and in the morning, you take it off and brush off the snow. There are also large sizes available for bigger cars.

Final Thoughts

The Remifa Windpower 1500W Electric Portable Heater is a scam snow removal device. When I searched on YouTube, I mostly found lots of “Scam or Legit?” videos basically promoting fake snow removal devices online similar to the Remifa Windpower 1500W heater. What the owners of these websites do is to pick up a product often times a pressure washer , then create a web page and advertise it as a snow removal device.

We have seen similar scams happen with the CVREOZ Snow Removal Device, Wree Deicer Device and Bikenda Snow Removal

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