Don’t Get Fooled By The CVREOZ Snow Removal Device Claims: Customer Reports

The CVREOZ Snow Removal Device advertised as a high-tech solution for removing snow and ice, is a gimmick. It turns out that this widely marketed product is nothing more than a basic $1 air freshener, but it’s being sold for over $100 each.

We will expose how this trick works and find out how to avoid falling for this kind of scam.

CVREOZ Electromagnetic Device Claims To Do The Following

  1. Removes Ice and Snow without shovel? Total gimmrick
  2. A Vehicle Antifreezer? Total sham
  3. Makes use of Specialized EM frequencies? Fake 
  4. No need for electricity? Sham
  5. 360 all round deicing? False

CVREOZ Snow Removal Device Scam

The ads and websites that promote the Cvreoz device falsely claim that it makes use of a special electromagnetic frequencies to magically “melt snow on contact” by messing with frozen water molecules. These statements are just not true and common with how scams work.

This scam tricks people by selling bulk-purchased $1 air fresheners as high-tech tools claiming to use special frequencies to quickly remove ice from vehicles. However they are actually from China.

Does The CVREOZ Snow Removal Device Work

No, this product is just a cheap air freshener you’d find at a dollar store. Despite the fancy claims, it can’t emit special frequencies or magically melt ice as they suggest. It’s essentially just a decorative piece of plastic.

There’s no reliable research, prototypes, or real-world testing data supporting the claims.

Real Customers Test CVREOZ Snow Removal Device

We found more independent reviews and customer complaints on Reddit concerning this product. The reviews are totally negative and gives the impression that this product is a basic air freshener you’d find at a dollar store. A customer said “ Totally fell for this. Wishful thinking, I guess. Thankfully, it took forever for them to arrive, and because of that, PayPal completely refunded me. I leave mine on the dashboard as a constant reminder to not be a dumbass anymore”.

A similar customer said “Buy one- it’s an air freshener puck in a plastic hub with some red heat graphics in the marketing. It makes for a hilarious gag gift if you’re into that sort of thing“. Just like the Wree Solar Powered Deicer Lamp, The scammers buy them in large quantities from Chinese e-commerce sites like Alibaba for very little money.

Evaluating The CVREOZ Snow Removal Device

We found similar products like this online called Seurio Electromagnetic interface. The wording this scammers use is entirely deceptive, and from what we saw in reviews for every single ad that pops up on Facebook, Amazon, etc for the same type of device ie ‘electromagnetic de-icing‘, these gadgets are absolutely useless as anything aside from an air freshener (most come with some sort of scent).

Red Flags To Watch Out For

Be cautious if they make big promises that sound too good to be true, rush you into buying, don’t share a real address, can’t prove their claims, use fake reviews or images, and keep changing their website address when they get caught. These are all warning signs of a potential scam.

CVREOZ Snow Removal Device Cons: The Bad Stuff

  1. Does not work as advertised
  2. It is merely an airfreshner
  3. It is expensive

Final Verdict

CVREOZ Snow Removal Device does not work as advertised and we do not recommend it. This product is nothing more than a regular air freshener and companies behind them often create new online stores to avoid getting caught.


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