RealCoolDeals Homepage Image Review: Is Real Cool Deals Scam?

Real Cool Deals Review: Is a legit online store? or is RealCoolDeals untrustworthy? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Realcooldeals Website, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Is It Legit? is an online store that is selling masks, sanitizers and family kits to help keep you safe from COVID-19.

Are you planning to shop from

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review.

How Does Real Cool Deals Work

Realcooldeals is located on-

They provide the following contact details-

Address : 166 Valley St, Bldg 6, Providence RI 02909

Phone :  1-240-763-3677

This store claims to offer safe and secure shipping.

should you have a reason to worry about store?

CAVEAT- has nothing to do with

Searching For Medical Supplies? See Trusted Sellers

Pros Of Buying From Real Cool Deals

  • Fairly Secured- Provides an SSL certificate. This means your card details is secured from hackers to an extent.
  • Easy to use interface- has a friendly design that catches the eyes.
  • Contact Details- This store provides both an address, mail and phone number with which they can be reached with.

Why Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

False Information

This store claims it is located in Providence, RI but when we made an order, Tracking showed the goods are in China. We don’t understand why the people behind this store is misrepresenting themselves.

Zero Customer Support

When we tried calling the number provided by this store, we were unable to reach them. The series of mails we sent to their mail address were never replied. We are worried about this behavior from this store.

Customer Reviews

Before you think of making an order on Realcooldeals, you should check for customer reviews. When we did so, we saw a handful of reviews from customers who are yet to receive their face masks. Reviews: Should You Shop Here?

We are skeptical about this online store. There are a lot of complaints on ScamDoc about Therefore, we don’t recommend this store.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


Wendy is an Entry-Level Security Analyst who's passionate about cybersecurity and dedicated to protecting people and organizations from emerging threats.

She has spent the past ten years writing articles that reveal the alarming rise of online scams, fake products, and misleading advertising. In 2019, she left her role as a Threat Alert writer and founded SabiReviews. With more Cybersecurity certifications bagged, she knows her purpose; To educate the public about cybercrimes, to provide genuine reviews about services and products, and to stop cyber crimes.


  1. Was burned by real cool deal. Paid for mask, it never arrived. Just the runaround and excuses. transit. Never arrived yet. 30 days ago. Very disappointing. Scam artist! Do no business with these chinese con artist!

    1. I guess we need to get our local FBI involved. They have to be stopped. These scam artist penetrated the likes of Amazon to put their Ads in the website.

    2. When I posted my review of this company a few weeks ago, I decided to take action. I never received any correspondence of tracking or emails. 3 weeks later I received my order. The order is as advertised. But will I order from this company again? No. I hope you received your order.

      1. Biggest lowdown scumbag operation I’ve ever seen. They tell you shipping with 1-2 day and 17 days later the shipment has “supposedly” reached LA.
        Sabirereviews- I guess I’m not “politically correct” enough to declare my disgust at a company that is as lowlife Real Cool Deals
        If I can’t express my honest opinion, I guess you be censuring my right to speech.
        So much for you why don’t you join Twitter.
        Just so ya know.

        1. Update: After calling them out on their website they then “attacked” my wife via her facebook messenger, I do not have a Facebook account, which reveals their small character. Their lack of sophistication was blatant, it was like a high schooler seeking payback because I hurt their feelings. I hope this reaches enough potential customers to help them grow up. Really sad.

      2. I been scammed by this company I believe they have other companies I want my not mask that I paid for not this piece of cloth I thought I was the only one going through this with this company selling trash price gouging

    3. Yea they are a scam because what their advertising is not what you receive in the mail they are sending trash in the place of what you actually order I’ve paid for a piece of cloth and a piece of plastic to breath

      1. Horrible scam company 22 days and never received masks I ordered
        No one ever answers phone

        1. Make sure to contact your card people and ask to have the charge disputed. That’s what I did.

    1. How can I get help they high jacketed Livi Rae when I ordered mask from Livi Rae it showed on my receipt real and it showed as a recurring charge I shut them down called the bank they put a stop to them but I’m out 200 big ones

  2. Ordered masks in April, never received it. Tracking says it’s in Los Angeles, CA delivered to local carrier. Contacted customer service they said there’s a delay…. never got my mask and filters, was never issued refund.

    1. Contact your card people and ask to have the charge disputed. Visa, American Express… I used my debit visa card and the bank told me that they will take care of this. 5-22-20

    1. Well, despite the advertised 7-10 day delivery and the physical shipper address being stateside, the item(s) that you ordered come from China (of all places)…some by ship, some by air…..Then on to customs. So there are a few hoops that the order has to go through before you receive your crap order. Yes, I do believe this import business is misleading and corrupt. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and found many had already done the same. So sorry to read about your order. And No, they do NOT accept refund items.

      1. Contact your card guys or your bank and dispute the charge. That may get results. I just did….

    2. You will get it, but it takes about five weeks to ship from China…. I called my bank to dispute the charge because these guys will not accept any conversation with you, nor accept refunds, despite unopened package.
      I did not know it was a Chinese import business based stateside.

    1. I totally agree. They got me for only $60.00. I hope that they didn’t get you for more. Lesson learned.

  3. Never deal with this company worst customer service ever 22 days and never received my order

    1. My order took five weeks, only to find out that it was shipped from China, of all places. Your order is probably still in going through Customs somewhere in California. And No, these guys will NOT refund your purchase nor participate in any dialogue with the customer. Sorry to hear about your order. They got me for $60.00.
      Lesson learned.

  4. I purchased 3 masks n95 for $95.97 when received they were not n95
    Masks I would like to return the masks but can not reach anyone with
    An address to take returns. Fortunately I charged on my American
    Express charge they assured me they would dispute the charge.

  5. been ordered since May 09, they tell me it is in customs in Calf. two mask and 10 filters so far I would not recommend ordering from I have a feeling I have been ripped off of a 100.00 If i ever get my stuff Ill repost disgusted

  6. I ordered nose and mouth protector and replacement filters on May 11 2020 Order #24613 Total $62.20 please reply i hope its not a scam!! Hope you enjoy

    1. First of all the mask is retailing at $8 bucks. The price is too high and its ILLEGAL. The Attorney general of Providence is about to shut down this company down. I ordered May 8 and cancelled May 9th.. They shipped anyway to trick me into opening the packet. The packet had no, “REAL COOL DEALS” logo any where on the packet. The return address was from Chino Ca. Im in Los Angeles.

  7. I ordered a mask and 10 filters at the end of April, 2020, and the tracking number stuck in the line: delivered to local courier.
    Stay away from these fraud scammer

    1. Mine has been ‘stuck’ with ‘delivered to local courier’ for since 5/19, arrived at LAX on 5/11.. I have kind of lost hope and will call the bank to see if I can dispute the charge.

      1. Got my masks yesterday. I was about to dispute last week when I got an update asking to be patient. I decided to wait until today (6/5) before disputing, and got the masks yesterday.
        So – at least for me – this was not a scam, I just wished they would have been up front with the 4 – 5 week delivery time.

  8. I emailed them when I realized the face mask was coming from China and asked them if these masks were made in China, they said their warehouse in RI was out of stock so they were being shipped from China. Got them today they are also made in China.

  9. Real Cool Deals are dirty rotten lying scumbags…ordered a mask over a month and half ago NO MASK!….fake tracking and just a slew of lying email communication…I’ll be reporting them to my credit card company as a Fraudulent company ( if you can call them that ) and I’ll also be contacting the Feds…..Steer clear of these lying scumbags and thieving pieces of garbage!!! Oh and they have an address listed In Rhode Island…..feel free to stop by and say hello to these maggots!

  10. I canceled my order at RealCoolDeals within 24 hours of making it. RealCoolDeals said my order had been “Updated.” Now, weeks later I asked why haven’t bank charges been reversed. Their reply is COVID has slowed their shipment and I should wait a few days. Bullcrap. I am notifying the Washington State Attorney General and posyin ON FB what a crap outfil Real Cool Deals is.

  11. Same with me! My case is happened exactly like Jim describing in details. How could some dirty lowlife crooks have the nerve to rob trusting people in the Covid-19 pandemic? Words can not fathom toward those lying lowlife scumbags, and I do hope Feds would go after those filthy culprits. “”Stay away from the company that has the,” “they are both false and deceptive advertising.”

  12. I believe RealCoolDeal IS A SCAM! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE! April 29, 2020 I ordered masks and N95 filters totaling to $165.00. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ORDER and today is June 2, 2020! I HAVE REQUESTED A FULL REFUND and they are refusing to give me a refund! Stating My purchase is in route and the only way I can receive a refund is AFTER I receive my merchandise and return it?!?! Problem is they know and I know I’m not going to receive my merchandise ! A Maria and Elvin have responded saying due to the Covid19 my purchase is delayed blah blah! I want my refund! I’d like to file a criminal complaint ASAP!! Do NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!

  13. It is appalled to received a deceptive advertising e-mail as below today! How dare these filthy people have the nerve to do such
    despicable act instead of shipping the (NO WHERE TO BE FOUND) merchandises. What a joke!!!!

    XXXXXX, Urgent Update on Your Order Confirmation!

    Hi XXXXXX,

    We wanted to let you know about our HUGE (KN – 95) Mask Clearance Today Only! Next Day Delivery Now Available from our USA warehouse!

    Take 20% OFF Using This Code At Checkout: USA20

    Our Masks Are Now In Stock In California & Will Be Delivered To Your Door In 3-6 Days Or You’ll Get A FULL Refund!

    We bet you need more filters as well! Use the same code above to get 20% off filters as well!

    Get Extra Filters Here 20% Off

    PS: REMEMBER 3-6 day Delivery Or You Get a FULL REFUND!

    There Are Also 2 Day FedEx and Overnight Delivery Options Available As Well!

    PSS: Also NOW is the time to take advantage of our “Family Specials” where you can buy 4 Get 1 / Buy 7 Get 3 and STILL Get To Use Your Coupon!

    Buy 4 Get 1 FREE Plus 20% Off!

    Buy 7 Get 3 FREE Plus 20% Off!

    With America Reopening Businesses and Riots Going On Nationwide There Most Likely WILL Be Another Spike In Cases So Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

    Best Regards,

  14. On April 29, 2020, I place the order for 1 mask (including 2 filters) and 10 additional filters. On May 3, 2020, the package has been arrived
    finally even though the last tracking information was still showing:

    2020-05-19 10:00

    LOS ANGELES – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, delivery to local courier

    However, all the twelve mask filters were too small. The right size should be 4.7 X 3.1 inches. Therefore, you all should receive the package anytime – the mask(s) might be okay, but the mask filters might be the wrong dimensions (4.7 X 2.5 inches.)

  15. New Post UPdate! I’m very happy to announce I received my merchandise yesterday! Everything I purchased/ordered. So relieved! I hope everyone will soon be able say the same.

  16. Placed an order in April 2020 for a mask it’s now June and still a no show… don’t buy from these people; they lie.

  17. Placed an order in April 2020 it’s now June and still haven’t received my order. My advice, buy somewhere else.

  18. Really disappointed. Ordered Masks. Took forever. Poor quality. Linings came ripped. Looks nothing like the photo. Inferior. company would not stand behind quality satisfaction.

  19. Same here. I only got their invoice about a month ago and that was it. Emailed them twice and called them. Nothing. I put in my order on April 28th. I am beginning to doubt if I would get my merchandise I ordered or not. I will not order from this site anymore. I advice everyone else also not to shop on this site.

  20. I summarize my experience with the Real-Cool-Deals company as follows and hope that my experience will help you save money, time, and headache by not ordering anything from this company:
    1. Before placing my order, they quickly responded to my preliminary questions in a matter of hours. After I placed my order they totally ignored the questions and concerns I had raised regarding their applying sales tax (as the company was a Chinese-based company, a fact that had I known before, I would not have placed my order), or their not applying the promised discount to my entire purchased items.
    2. Their catchphrase, “RUSH MY ORDER” at the last stage of the checkout process prompted me to place my order after much debating with myself. As it turned out it was nothing more than an empty promise as it took nearly a month for my order to arrive.
    3. And when my order did arrive, I was immediately taken aback by how unprofessionally and unsafely the package appeared and felt. Terre was no protective shield around it, it was just a paper-thin wrapper which was punctured at a couple of places already.
    4. Inside were my two masks and the set of extra filters that I had ordered. According to my invoice, I was supposed to receive 2 NK-95 masks, but they had sent me a mask with no label, and another which had an unfamiliar label on it. Both of the masks were constructed of inferior materials of the poorest quality, and neither one was a good fit for my face. They were practically useless to me.
    5. I emailed the company and complained about the fact that I had received the wrong masks and the wrong size, but they totally ignored my complaint and my email altogether.
    6. I did not even bother initiating the return process, for I had had a similar experience with a Chinese company in the past, and was aware of how impossible it was to try to get my money back. I simply threw away the pack of garbage they had sent me and took my $90 loss on the chin.
    Conclusion: Real-Cool-Deals is a shoddy and dishonest company, which will take your money, but gives you nothing worthwhile in return. I sincerely advise against doing business with them and strongly recommend that you look elsewhere for your facial masks needs.

  21. Put the order in on April 17, 2020. Did not receive an invoice until April 21, 2020. Made a bad review for them on Facebook. Then realized I may have mistaken. But now I am rethinking the issue at hand. Emailed the company and called them twice and left VM. I have not received any reply. Then I received an email that I received on June 1, 2020, telling me the update of my order and that if I do not receive my order in 3 – 6 days I get a full refund. Today is June 12, 2020. Emailed again to No reply. I am surprised that there were no complaints mentioned about this online retail business on the Better Business Bureau. This online retail business is making a lot of promises and not keeping them. Empty promises! I Will put in a complaint to get my money refunded on BBB.

  22. I paid $65.00for2 KN95 masks over 3 months ago, yes $65.00 and received 2 masks that weren’t KN95. RCD, HAS NEVER RETURNED MY MONEY OR SENT ME THE MASKS I ORDERED.. THEY ARE TERRIBLE , AND I WOULD NEVER ORDER ANTHING FROM THEM. STAY AWAY.

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