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Rdl Life Text Scam: Beware Of

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Rdl Life located at is a scam website. The website is being used spammers or scammers. They send fake text messages and emails to online users with a link to a

 If you got any email or text message which contain link like “rdl .life/e1/?n=194749559”, then you should know that is not a real message but fake one sent by these bunch of phishing scammers. 

If you click the link in the messages, you will be taken to, where you will be redirected to spam, phishing, and malware websites.

Though their homepage ( show that they’re sellers of flower vases, it is just a cover up. Don’t be mislead by the picture, as it is just a ploy to deceive you.

Have you received a message bearing the link? Share your experiences below, in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to report malicious websites/messages to us. You can bookmark our website on your browser.

Do stay safe!

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