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Purerebelclub.com Review: What You Should Know About This Online Store

Pure Rebel Club Review: Is purerebelclub.com a Scam or Legit online store? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of PureRebelClub messenger bag and Coronavirus masks, this led to our review of PureRebelclub Online shop.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of Pure Rebel Club Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Purerebelclub.com?

Pure Rebel Club is an online store that sells variety of goods. Recently, as a result of the Coronavirus, they added carbon filter masks and what not to their goods. According to the words on their homepage-

” According to LiveScience.com normal surgical mask doesn’t protect against Coronavirus, you need filtered masks. A carbon filtered mask and N95-N99 filtered masks offer better protection. A mask doesn’t guarantee 100% protection but it is one of the best ways to prevent contracting a cold, flu or other viruses such as coronavirus.”

Pure Rebel Club Online Store is located on www.purerebelclub.com . Their contact details as written on their site is-

should you have a reason to worry about purerebelclub.com store?


Traceable History- When we checked Whois, we discovered the website was registered in 2017, and was updated in 2019. This shows that it isn’t some new website.

Traffic and Visitors- In trying to acertian if this website do receive its fair amount of visitors, we decided to check Alexa. As of when we wrote this review, purerebelclub.com ranks 3,486,738 in global internet engagement. It has the following top keywords- Pure Rebel, multi pocket messenger bag and glowi rainbow reflective leggings.

Has a Social Media Presence- When we checked Facebook, we saw that their page had more than ten thousand likes. Also, their posts went as far back as 2017. However, we are worried. Their last post on facebook was on 2018.

Has Customer Reviews on Loox– When we checked loox.io we saw a handful of genuine customer Reviews. However, there are no reviews for the year 2019.


Just like a man in search of gold, we kept digging and digging the internet. Hoping we would see gold. Well, we did hit some gold, or dirt as you may call it. Below are what you should definitely know about Pure Rebel before making that order.

One Year Plus of Inactive Service– When we checked their facebook page, and their customer reviews on Loox. We discovered one thing stood out- Pure Rebel has been silent since 2018. Their last post on Facebook was in 2018. Their last review on Loox was in 2018 too.

We can’t say what happened that year they were inactive. Did they sell the website to another guys? Or did they decide to stop business, and then came back now in 2020 having seen the crave for medical masks?

Fake Social Media Buttons- Another thing we discovered about this website, is that the social media buttons below its homepage, just redirects you back to the homepage. We can’t say if it is an over sight or if it was intentionally done.

But this shows they lack professionalism.

Poor Customer Support- Pure Rebel only provides their email and a chat form on their contact page. Well, most genuine online stores provide their telephone numbers and address. We don’t understand why the people behind this store is keen on hiding themselves from the public.

Associates Itself with a not so Genuine Store- When we checked online, we discovered herbalnize.net is also using the same email with Pure Rebel. When we checked their facebook page, we also discovered they were promoting Pure Rebel. However, when we analyzed herbalnize.net we discovered their customer reviews are fake as they stole the images from online.

Our Thoughts On Pure Rebel Store

In as much as this ecommerce has a fair history, we are keeping our fingers crossed. We noticed they are selling their products for unbelievable discounts. Could this be a bait? We can’t say.

We advise you to tread with caution. And please share your experiences with us!

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