Free PSN Giftcard Scam – Fake Codes Generator acts like it’s got a secret stash of unused PSN codes, and all you have to do is download some apps to get them. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is. They promise you free PlayStation Network (PSN) gift card codes, but it’s all a big scam. is playing games, and you don’t want to be a part of it. This article is an eye opener.

Exposing The Scam

Launched in July 2023, is orchestrated by scammers who use deceptive tricks to make people complete surveys without getting anything in return. The site claims to be a generator of unused PSN gift card codes. To acquire the codes, users are told they can have to get some points. The points are acquired by downloading and trying new apps & games, completing surveys, referring friends, and watching videos. They claim you can cash in these points for $10 to $100 PSN gift cards.

However, this is all hogwash, after completing the various surveys and tasks, you wouldn’t get any PSN Giftcard codes.

How The Scam Actually Works:

When you visit the site on your Desktop, you’d be told to use your mobile phone to ‘generate free PSN Giftcard codes’. Here’s the real deal:

  • When you pick a gift card amount, instead of a code, they tell you to download offers.
  • You end up on a page with more downloading steps (still no code).
  • These offers might make you install weird apps, sign up for stuff, or do annoying surveys.

After all that, guess what? No PSN code shows up. The “Refresh Button” they mention? Pointless. It either sends you back or does nothing. won’t give you real PSN gift card codes, no matter what they promise. Those apps they tell you to download? They’re just random and dodgy, and Psnbounty makes money from them, not you. And is taking your info from those offer signups.

Red Flags Of

Shady Business Behind the Scenes

  • The people running decided to keep things on the down-low by using GoDaddy’s Domains By Proxy service. Translation: They’re hiding their identity to avoid being held accountable.

Big Talk, No Proof

  • loves to brag, but they claim a “95% success rate” for delivering codes. Reality check: They can’t actually prove any of it.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Instead of giving you what they promise, plays the affiliate marketing game. In simple terms, they make money by getting you to download other stuff from third parties.

Malware Infestation

  • Those downloads they push? Well, they often come with a side of risk. These random apps and sites might bring along some unwanted guests like malware and other sketchy stuff.

Privacy Red Flags

  • is asking for a little too much, wanting access to your Google accounts and contacts during their fake code game.

Sloppy Site Setup

  • When you take a look at, and you’ll see it’s a bit of a mess. Mistakes everywhere and poor quality.

Empty Promises: No Proof of Real Gains

  • Despite all the claims, nobody’s stepping up with proof of actually scoring legit PSN codes or anything valuable from Psnbounty.

How to Steer Clear of PSN Gift Card Scams

Stay Skeptical!

  • If a site promises free PSN codes or game currencies in exchange for downloads, tread carefully. Legit giveaways don’t make you jump through hoops; they provide codes upfront.

Watch Out for Fake Reveals

  • Don’t fall for the “code revealing” apps. Legitimate giveaways simply hand you the code, no extra steps needed.

Guard Your Info: Keep It Safe

  • Never share sensitive info like Google account access or phone numbers with unfamiliar websites. It’s a big red flag for potential trouble.

Look for Credibility Clues

  • Check for basic signs of trustworthiness like professional website copy, real contact details, and social media links. If they’re missing, it’s a warning.

Hear it From Others

  • Search for reviews to see if anyone actually got codes from the website. No feedback? Smells like a scam.
  • Avoid clicking on links promising free codes, especially on social media, pop-ups, or unfamiliar sites. These often lead to scams.

Stick to the Basics: Use Prepaid Cards

  • Instead of trusting online generators, opt for prepaid PSN cards from reliable retailers. It’s a safer way to redeem on your account without the scammy business.

If You Got Scammed by – What to Do

Sound the Alarm – Guard Your Credit!

  • Reach out to credit bureaus and slap on fraud alerts. This helps stop any crooks from opening new accounts in your name using the info you shared.

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Reports

  • Keep a close watch on your credit reports. If you spot anything fishy, report it ASAP.

Lock It Down – Change Those Passwords

  • Urgently change passwords on all your accounts. Especially if you gave Psnbounty access to your Google account. Activate two-factor authentication whenever you can.

Scan for Trouble – Check for Sneaky Malware

  • Run a check with Malwarebytes on the devices you used to visit Psnbounty. Just making sure there’s no nasty malware tagging along from those downloads.

Call for Backup – Get Your Phone Carrier in the Mix

  • If you’re seeing weird charges from text subscriptions, ring up your phone carrier. They can help block those premium SMS services causing you grief.

Document Everything

  • Keep detailed records. This helps when you file official scam complaints with the FTC.

Conclusion is an untrustworthy website, If you come across promises of free PSN codes, especially from sketchy sites like, proceed with caution. Legitimate giveaways don’t ask for downloads or sensitive info.

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