Is Prosperi Academy Real or Fake: We Checked And Found Huge Red Flags

Prosperi Academy is an unreliable investment platform that that educates you about the basics of investing but they make use of misleading advertising to do this. They trick people into using $10 to invest in their platform in hopes of getting &1000 in return within a day or a week. The truth is you earn points and not money, the points can only be used in

We checked prosperi for a number of red flags, and we found that it does not really live up to the hype. Here’s how it works.

A Little About Prosperi Academy

Prosperi Academy is a website where you can take courses to learn about investing money, but they don’t actually handle any investments for you.

You do certain lessons with small quizes. Each time you finish a lesson you get some money (fake money) into your account as points.

What Prosperi offers

Prosperi Academy offers lots of courses on topics such as stocks, cryptocurrency, forex trading, and real estate investing.

Is Prosperi Academy Scam Or Legit

Whether Prosperi Academy is a scam depends on what you mean by “scam”. Legally, they’re not doing anything wrong, so they’re not a scam in that sense. But their way of advertising is very misleading, and what they offer isn’t anything special—you could find similar info for free on places like YouTube or Wikipedia. You don’t need to withdraw money from it because it’s not an investment platform. If you paid for courses or materials, it’s for learning, not investing.

Should You Trust Prosperi Academy?

No, Prosperi is a low-trust investment/earning website in our perspective. A lot of people have complained about it, saying they got ripped off. Some even found unauthorized charges on their accounts and had to ask for refunds. People who put money in for investments said it just disappeared without any explanation.

I noticed something really weird. Prosperi Academy’s website was only registered on May 5, 2022, but they somehow already have over 8,900 reviews on That just doesn’t add up. Normally, companies that are less than two years old have maybe 100 to 200 reviews at most.

At first, I thought those reviews might be fake. But when I checked them out, they were all real. It turns out that Prosperi Academy was pretty smart about it. They embedded Trustpilot on their site, so every person who signs up with Prosperi Academy is asked to leave a review on Trustpilot. That’s why there are so many reviews, even though the company is still pretty young.

Why People Feel Is A Scam: Red Flags

We discovered that on, You can take lessons and quizzes, and each lesson you finish gives you fake money or points. But they say you can turn $10 into $1000, which isn’t true. Some people also say they got charged more than they expected when they bought something.

Their website has problems too. If you try to buy a course and accidentally say ‘Yes’ to buying extra stuff, like the Beginner’s Handbook, you’ll get charged right away without asking if you’re sure. And lots of people got surprised by monthly charges they didn’t know about upfront.

Plus, using the website is not easy. It’s hard to figure out, especially if you’re on a computer because everything looks tiny like it’s made for a phone.

Steps To Know If An Investment Opportunity Is Legit

  1. Do Your Research first: Before putting any money in, make sure you do your research on the company. Look for reviews, news stories, or anything else that tells you whether they’re legit or not.
  2. Watch out for Warning Signs: Be careful of any investment that promises huge returns with little risk. Usually, that’s a sign of a scam.
  3. Stay Away from Pyramid Schemes: Some schemes promise big returns if you bring in more people, rather than through real investments. Be cautious of anything that relies too much on getting new members.
  4. Talk to the Experts: If you’re not sure about an investment, talk to a financial advisor or someone who knows about this stuff. They can give you advice and help you make smart choices.
  5. Trust Your Gut: If something doesn’t feel right or sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let the promise of making a lot of money blind you.

Final Words

Prosperi isn’t safe because it’s not regulated like other investing sites. They charge fees that are against the law and promising returns that just don’t make sense. Lots of people have had trouble getting their money back from Prosperi or even figuring out where their money went.

This Academy might be okay for people who are willing to pay for something they could easily find for free using Google.

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