Is The Stealth Bird 4k Drone Legit? My Experience Buying & Flying This Drone

Advertised as a Top-Rated Lightweight Foldable Drone, the Stealth Bird 4k drone has lots of promotional reviews especially on established blogs. Deccan Herald, Outlook India and the likes claim it’s the best affordable drone for beginners and experts.

Interestingly, my experience was far from positive. Purchased on Amazon, the Stealth bird 4k failed to live up to its hype.

In this review, I detailed everything about this drone; its spec, battery life, camera, features, handling, etc.

Testing The Stealth Bird Drone

First of all, I’m going to say what led me to buy this drone was its claim of 4k Resolution. There’s rarely any cheap drone that has all the features Stealth Bird claims to have.

”HD Camera, Extended Battery Life, Lightweight and Portable, operates Silently, Anti-Collision Technology”

However, when it arrived, It looked exactly like the drone I bought in 2022 (Eachine58 advertised as Blackbird 4k Drone). Aside that, here’s what I observed during the time I tested the drone.


The camera is 720p resolution but 4k as claimed. It’s far from the super high-quality footage they promised. The frame rate isn’t that great either, so using your smartphone for first-person view might not be smooth unless you fly really slowly.


The controller is pretty easy to use, with buttons for different flight modes, including a fun 360-degree flip. But since it doesn’t have GPS, it relies on air pressure to stay at the right height.


One thing they got right in the ads is that it flies pretty steady for the price. But honestly, I don’t get why they make all these false claims about 4K cameras.

Battery Life

You’ll get about 7-9 minutes of flight time, which is decent but nothing amazing.

Pros And Cons Of Stealth Bird 4K Drone


  • Cheap compared to other drones.
  • It’s small and folds up, so you can take it anywhere.
  • It’s stable and good for beginners.


  1. The camera quality isn’t up to 4k
  2. Its advertisement use a fake background story
  3. The footage used on the Ads is from a dji mavic air and not the Stealth Bird itself.
  4. Has a short flying time.
  5. It doesn’t have GPS, so it can’t stay perfectly in one spot.

What Other Users Have To Say

Similar to my experience, lots of customers on Reddit and Amazon do not like the Stealth Bird 4K. As mentioned, it lacks fancy features like GPS and video stabilization, the product is also cheaply made and has similar features with generic drones on various online stores.

There is no hype, none of that back story is real and it’s just another anonymous Chinese low cost toy with a pretty Instagram ad. Buy a used DJI if you’re trying to save money.

Bought this because off searching top 10 easy use drones. The description said it was a quality brand in reality it was the same drone I got on Temu for a free gift and totally cheap junk. DO NOT BUY

Is The Stealth Bird 4k Drone Legit or Scam?

From my experience and that of other users, the Stealth Bird 4k is certainly a scam purchase. The product does not really work as advertised and the company makes use of misleading advertisement and ship cheap chinese knock off low quality drone.

It’s really annoying that they’re using Reputable blogs to deceive unsuspecting buyers. It’s a shame that Google does nothing about these websites that use SEO and high Domain Authority to rank top on search, and then mislead buyers with sponsored contents of shady products.


Stealth Bird 4k Drone does not live up to its claim. It’s not a 4K resolution camera drone, neither does it have a smooth flight time or extended battery life.

It’s a rebranded Eachine58 with 7-9 mins battery life, 720p resolution and lacks a GPS. It’s a cheap drone sold for high price. This exact drone cost below $40 on AliExpress.

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