How I Tested The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer: Does This 6 in 1 Vacuum Sealer Live Up To The Hype? Unbiased Review

Are looking for a quality vacuum sealer to keep your food fresh and extend its shelf life? Did you come across viral Youtube videos of the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer? This appliance claims to suck the air out of a bag or canister 

Does this 6 in 1 vacuum sealer really work as advertised? Since there are many different vacuum sealers on the market, and online reviews are being manipulated these days, more and more these days, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

I decided to write this review, to give you our hands-on experience with this machine and ultimately help you decide if the PowerXL NutriSealer is the right vacuum sealer for your needs.

Overview Of The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer

As seen on Tv commercial PowerXL Duo NutriSealer is a food vacuum sealer helps you seal bags tightly to keep air out and keeps your food warm up to 5 hours. It’s about 18 inches long and 3 inches wide and deep, and it doesn’t weigh much, just about 2.4 pounds. You can use it to seal pretty much anything in a bag, even stuff like liquids or creams. It also comes with 100 bags that are the right size to use with the sealer.

Accessories and features

  1. Control Panel: The LED lights show you what’s happening while you’re sealing.
  2. Bag Cutter: You can make your own bag sizes and cut them to fit exactly what you need, so you don’t waste any material.
  3. Latch Lock: It closes securely and locks in place, so it’s easy to store without taking up too much space.
  4. Air Extraction: It sucks out all the air and seals the bag tight to keep oxygen and moisture out, which helps your food stay fresh longer.

How I Tested The Duo NutriSealer

I was a bit on the fence about getting the Power XL sealer because of what some reviews said. But honestly, my experience has been pretty good. Right after I got it, I had to try it out. It was super easy to use, and sealing stuff worked great on the first go.

However, I did run into some trouble with the vacuum and seal functions. You’ve got to put the bag in just the right way or it won’t vacuum and then seal. One thing I figured out is to keep the bag level with the machine while it’s vacuuming. This isn’t easy with everything, though. I really trusted the PowerXL brand, but that turned out to be a bit of a mistake because there were too many problems. You have to be super careful when closing the machine. I wasn’t careful once, and now there’s a crack on the top, and the vacuum feature is busted. The clips didn’t align, and I didn’t notice, so the top cracked before the clips could snap into place. I’m on the hunt for a new sealer now, one that’s less problematic. This one’s great for sealing and making bags, but not so much for vacuuming.

Does The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer Work? Here’s My Verdict

No, it doesn’t not work as advertised. The vacuum seal feature is pretty tricky to use. It seals bags alright, but the main point is to suck out the air to keep things fresh longer, and it doesn’t do that well. It’s good for sealing bags of frozen food or cereal though. The spot where you have to line up the bag to vacuum seal it is too small, making it tough to keep the bag straight—it keeps slipping out. Plus, closing and locking it is a hassle. If you’re trying to seal something with any moisture, forget about it; the moisture messes with the sealing sensor. To be honest, I hardly use it because it’s not as easy and straightforward as they say it is. It’s more of a hassle than it’s worth.


  1. Keeps Food Fresh
  2. Reduces Mess
  3. Gets rid of air and seals bags tight to keep your food fresh.


  1. It does not suck out air as well as other sealers.
  2. The lock could wear out after a while.
  3. Does not work as advertised

Customer Reports And Feedback

Many customers who have used the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer did not like the outcome. There are lots of customer complaints on Amazon and online about the sealer being complete garbage and not worth a buck. Here are some of the reviews

Hasn’t worked well from the very start. 

I Have notified the company but have yet to hear from them, and I’m very skeptical anything will be resolved according to the other reviews.

I purchased this product and it really only worked some. It was hard to get the right spot to get the machine to actually vacuum out the air. It worked for about 2 months and then stopped turning on. My son took it apart and found the plug that runs it had come unplugged. He re-plugged it together and it worked for about a week and then stopped vacuuming the air out totally. It is now past the warranty time so I am left with a worthless item I paid 100.00 for. Do not waste your money or time.

Where To Buy

The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer costs $99.99, and you don’t have to pay anything extra for shipping. You can buy it from, Amazon, Walmart and other online retain stores.

How To Use

  1. Fill the Bag: Put your items in one of the bags provided, but don’t stuff it too full.
  2. Seal in the Machine: Open the sealer, place the bag’s open end inside without touching the inside parts, and close it.
  3. Press the Button: Hit the top button to remove air and seal the bag automatically.
  4. Store Your Sealed Bag: Once sealed, take out the bag and store it in the fridge, freezer, or cupboard. Cut it open when you need it.

We Compared PowerXL Duo NutriSealer Vs Food Saver

This product is often compared to the Food Saver, but honestly, that comparison falls short. You have to fiddle around to fit the bag into a tiny slot and keep it there while you try to close the top. Then, when you hit the vacuum and seal button, it takes forever to suck the air out, and even then, it doesn’t do as good a job as the Food Saver. I’ve been using a Food Saver for a while now, and it’s just superior in every way. Yes, the Food Saver is pricier, but you truly get what you pay for – it efficiently vacuums all the air out. I gave the Power XL a fair shot, tried it four times just to seal some homemade pizza, and each time, I had to switch back to my Food Saver to properly finish the job. So, the Power XL? It’s heading to my donation pile next week. Don’t waste your money on it!

Alternative Brands

  1. Nesco VS-12 Deluxe: Strong suction, various pressure settings, and a double-seal feature for extra security. Takes a bit longer to vacuum.
  2. FoodSaver VS3150: Can seal wet and dry foods with pre-cut bags or rolls. Comes with a handheld adaptor. Food stays fresh in the freezer and fridge.
  3. Anova Culinary Precision: Simple design with easy-to-use buttons. Seals food well, especially oddly-shaped items like avocados. Great for beginners.

Final Words

Finally, we do not recommend PowerXL Duo NutriSealer product because it’s a typical bait and switch. It is obvious that the unit they show on TV is not what they send out, the only thing this is good for is cutting excess off bags and sealing those bags. It’s advertised as simple and easy and it’s actually quite a pain to work with.

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