Bank Of America Data Breach Lawsuit: Scam or Legit

Did you hear about Bank Of America Data Breach Lawsuit? it’s not a scam. They sent out a warning to customers, saying they might’ve been hit by a data breach back in November 2023. Turns out it happened because of a cybersecurity issue with one of their service providers, InfoSys McCamish Systems (IMS).

Who Is Behind Bank Of America Data Breach Lawsuit

Bank of America just dropped some news – there might’ve been a data breach around November 3, 2023. It’s all tied to a company called InfoSys McCamish Systems (IMS), which works with Bank of America. Apparently, the breach might’ve messed with data related to deferred compensation plans handled by Bank of America.

How Much Is The Settlement

There’s no settlement amount for now.

If you might’ve been hit by the data breach, they’re giving you a free two-year membership for an Experian identity theft protection package. Plus, they’re telling you to keep an eye on your credit reports and account statements for the next couple of years. If you spot anything fishy, make sure to tell your bank right away – they’re here to help you out.


Bank Of America Data Breach is not a scam. Just like Albertsons Class Action Lawsuit, They had to pay up $500,000 in November to settle claims that they were breaking Florida law. Apparently, they were sending out debt-collection messages to their customers super late at night. But the good news is the settlement got the green light in January.

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