Is Popilush A Legit Website To Buy From? Must Read Before Shopping

Looking to shop from Popilush? After weeks of seeing Popilush clothing pop up in TikTok ads, I finally gave in and decided to test them out for myself.

Just to be clear, this review isn’t sponsored at all. I spent around $100 of my own money to try out this shapewear and bodysuit that have been getting so much hype on TikTok. Should you consider buying from popilush in 2024? Here’s my honest take on Popilush.

A Little About Popilush is a women clothing store that sells clothing like bodysuit, shapwears, jumpsuit, swimwears, dresses etc. The clothing store offers different sizes for everyone including plus sizes.

What Is The Quality Of This Clothing Brand

The clothes have average quality, The clothes on the Popilush website seem to have mixed reviews when it comes to quality. The stitching is neat and the pieces feel durable. The average price per garment is affordable but not dirt-cheap, and the quality reflects that; it’s pretty good.

My Experience Shopping Bodysuit And Built In Shapewear From Popilush

I was really unsure about this brand. Read some reviews that weren’t very nice, but others said it was great. I decided to order a bodysuit and some shapewear amounting to $100. The shipping took a while because it’s based overseas, but I’ve had slower shipments from Australia before, so I didn’t mind too much.

When I finally got my order and opened it, I really liked the bodysuit. It’s very pretty. But I was disappointed because there’s no push-up or lining in the chest area. I’m not very busty, so I need a bra for some extra support. As for the shapewear, it didn’t fit like I expected. When I contacted customer service about returning it, they said I had to pay for the return shipping. That’s not what the website said at all after they claimed returns were free.

Pros: The Good Part

  1. They have lots of to choose from
  2. It is available in lots of online stores
  3. They are affordable
  4. The quality of the clothes are decent

Cons: The Not So Good Part

  1. Sometimes the sizes aren’t quite right, so the clothes might not fit like they should.
  2. They have an unresponsive customer service.
  3. Shipping can take a while, depending on where you live.
  4. If you want a refund, it could be a bit of a headache, and it might take a long time to get your money back.

Where To Buy

You can buy from, Amazon, Walmart and select retail stores. There are different prices for all the available dresses on the website.

Customer Reports And Feedback

Unfortunately there are customer complaints on Trustpilot and Reddit concering the services of Some customers complained that the shapewears were not true to size and others of missing items. Here are some complaints

I had high hopes for this item. Unfortunately, it has been over 15 business days/21 calendar days and my item has still no shipped per the tracking info that was shared. I have requested a cancellation of the order and refund but have heard nothing from customer support.

I just got my order in. I like the dress. The one piece support body suit is pretty but very tight with little stretch. It’s not comfortable and it will take two people to get you in and out of it. But it’s pretty.

I Just bought the tank black onsie and I love it EXCEPT its see through when I bend over. I bought the correct size not to tight and I really do like it EXCEPT that. It’s made nice and came fast. So that being said, I don’t think it will matter with the product you want.

I followed the sizing guide and measurements. Read reviews. Still does not fit.

Should You Buy From Popilush

I found some concerning stories about ordering from the Popilush website. One person bought a jumpsuit during a Black Friday sale but never got it, even after receiving order confirmation and tracking info. They tried contacting customer support via email but got no response and lost their money.

Another customer ordered the wrong size and tried to fix it right away. But they got a generic response claiming the item had already shipped, even though they hadn’t received a shipping email until after they reached out. When they asked about returning the item, they were offered a $35 voucher instead of a refund, which didn’t make sense.

The website says it’s American, but shipping comes from China, which confuses customers. One person returned an item two months ago but still hasn’t gotten a refund. Despite their efforts, customer support keeps pushing them to exchange it for another item instead of giving a refund. These stories show that the website lacks transparency, has poor customer service, and doesn’t deliver orders or provide proper refunds.

Refund Policy

If you’re not happy with what you bought, you can send it back within 60 days for a refund or exchange.

Just make sure the stuff you’re returning is still new and hasn’t been worn or washed. If you have any issue, reach out to their customer service via [email protected]

Final Thoughts appears to be a legit clothing website however i’m not satisfied with their services. The shapewear I ordered from their website was not true to size and there are lots of complaints about their services. Overall i’ll rate Popilush 6 out of 10 for the above mentioned faults.

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