Picrights.com Reviews 2023: Is PicRights a Scam? Find Out!

Did you receive a mail from PicRights about copyrighted image? Don’t panic! Thousands of people have received similar mails from PicRights Ltd, and as a result of this we decided to provide answers to your worrying questions.

What is PicRights?

 Picrights is a license enforcement agent that operates from outside the US. They send people mail about copyright infringement, with instructions on how to pay online with a credit card. However, investigations show that majority of their claims involve images that have not been registered with the US Copyright office. This means they’re hounding people just for profits, and for no real cause.

Picrights Scam

It’s not surprising that on TrustPilot PicRights have 1 star ratings. Lots of people have labelled them ‘Scammers’ Hounders’ ‘Copyright trollers’ etc.

How To Respond To Picrights Letter

If you’ve received threatening mails or letters from Picrights Ltd, you need to take the following actions –

  • Take off the copyrighted image from the website
  • Find out the real owners of the image (by performing a reverse image search)
  • Purchase licensing fee from them (It’s far cheaper)
  • Send the proof of licensing fee to PicRights

Should You Ignore Picrights?

The mails claim that Ignoring their letter would increase the penalty fee and lead to a legal case. However, the lawsuit is just a trick to make people pay the outrageous fee. See what someone has to say –

They sent me a letters after letters. Basically demanding more money. I emailed them saying I took down the picture after the first letter immediately and that I wasn’t going to pay anything. They will get a law firm called Higbee and Associates to call you, scare you into either paying or “going to trial.” I called a lawyer, he took one look at the letter that the law firm sent me and said it was a scam. That is was a legit law firm who was trying to use legal loop holes. Basically, my lawyer sent them a letter saying that first off, no profits were made in direct correlation to the picture, two that there is no proof that picrights owns the picture, and three I took the picture down. Therefor, I wasn’t going to pay anything. I ended not paying a dime



PicRights is a semi-legal extortion scam that preys on people’s ignorance of copyright law and the Fair Use Doctrine. Recipient of the mail should kindly take the photo down, and ignore the letters from Picrights.  IF they actually serve you with court papers (extremely unlikely) then you could hire a lawyer to respond or on your own. 


  1. I received as emails and then a formal letter from picright regarding I had on my small business website and did not profit off of the photo. I contacted the phone number on the letter as it very threatening demanding that I pay the fee even after I took the picture down. I called the phone number on the letter and was told they were able to “negoitate” and give me a discounted fee from paying $2580 to $2000 in 3 months! I am completely panicking as my business has not even sustained that much revenue and I am scared they will try to invoke legal action as the lady spoke to so lightly put it and sue me. What should I do?!

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