Does PetLabs Co. Dental Powder Work To Fix Bad Breathe? I Tried It On My Dog

Does your dog suffer from plaque or bad breath? Did you come across PetLabs Co. Dental Powder? This product claims to help fix bad breath in dogs, fight plaques and generally whiten the teeth. But does it work?

Over the years, I’ve tried out many different brands of pet products but when I came across PetLabs recently, I was eager to test it out. For the sake of this review, i’ll share my experience buying this dental cleaner for my dog.

About PetLabs Co.

PetLab Co. was created in 2018 by two friends who love pets. They’ve developed a bunch of products just for dogs to help with different health issues like sore joints, teeth problems, allergies, and skin conditions.

The most popular products include the Probright, probiotic, joint care and canident formulas.

Using PetLab Co. Probright Dental Teeth Powder On My Dog

I’ll be honest, I was really skeptical when I bought this product because I’ve tried so many similar ones before and none of them worked. My 12-year-old dog had really bad breath and a lot of plaque on his teeth, and it was always a struggle to clean them with a toothbrush. But I was willing to try anything for him, even though this product was expensive.

I placed an order from Amazon and it arrived after 5 days. After using the first jar, I noticed that it works slower than advertised, but there was definitely less tartar on his back molars. And his other teeth look whiter too. The powder smells kind of like tea, and I wasn’t sure if my dog would eat his food with it, but he does. He even licks up any powder that’s left in the bottom of his bowl as for breath, i’m yet to see improvements as expected.


  1. The powder is quite easy to use
  2. Works on bad breath
  3. Helps to clear plaque


  1. It is pricey
  2. The quantity of the product is small
  3. Some dogs do not like it
  4. There are side effects

Does PetLab Co. Dental Powder Work?

Yes it works but don’t expect miracles. If your dog have had plaque for a long time, don’t expect anything except veterinary cleaning to correct years of neglect that resulted in rotten teeth and gums, and orange plaque on your dog’s teeth.

Customer Testiomials

We found mixed customer reviews on Amazon, Trustpilot and other review websites concerning this teeth powder. Some of them include:

It appears to be making my dog’s teeth a little whiter. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and don’t really notice a difference with the breath. The teeth look pretty good until you get close to the gums and it appears it has problems getting up that high to attack the tarter.

This has done a good job of dealing with the dogs bad breath, but after a month of daily use I see no change in tarter build up. My advice don’t advertise regarding tarter unless it actually does it.
Update customer service is unbelievable for this day and age. Will buy again thanks

It works but I think It made my dogs sick. It gave then the runs…very loose bowels.
I discovered a little goes a long way. That little tiny scoop holds a lot of powder. I don’t feed it to my dogs everyday because of their sensitive stomach. I did notice that their teeth are cleaner and breath smells a little better

Does It Have Side Effects

Even though this product is safe dogs can still have side effects as a result of using this product. Some dogs may start having nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. If the symptoms continue, call a vet.

Where To Buy, Amazon, walmart, chewy and other online retail stores. The product is currently priced $49.99 on Amazon.

How To Use

  1. Each tub contains 30 scoops, so you only need to give your dog 1 scoop per day.
  2. Sprinkle 1 scoop onto your dog’s food every day.
  3. Mix the scoop thoroughly into your dog’s food. If your dog eats dry kibble, make sure to slightly wet the food first before adding the scoop.

Would We Buy Again

Yes, dental powder is cheaper than a vet visit, but not as quick. Also be cautious about the “single order”. They will automatically send another to you a month later. I have tried to cancel my subscription multiple times as instructions to delay delivery have been ignored. Now I have just received an email saying how glad they are I’ve joined the pack! I definitely haven’t. No means of contacting them. 

Final Words dental powder works and is a great option to get rid of bad breath in pets, whiten the teeth and treat plaque but it may not work for all pets. Also when you order, they automatically enroll you in subscription without your knowledge.

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