I Tried The Viral Infinity Hula Hoop Making Waves On TikTok: Did It Help Me Lose Weight? Must Read

One of the most unexpected things I bought because of TikTok was an infinity hula hoop. When I heard a young person saying it was her main workout and helped her tone up as well as lose weight, I began to wonder if it actually have any benefits like regular exercise.

Aside from looking fun, two reasons got me interested in Infinity hula hoop. First, I was recovering from a minor hip injury caused by treadmill sprinting and weight lifting. The Infinity hula hoop seemed like a great option for me. Here is my upaid review of this product.

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About The Infinity Hoop

InfinityHoop hula Hoops made lots of noise on social media as the perfect fit for core and spot exercise. It is great for boosting your fitness and making your core muscles stronger. They brand claims that these hoops can help you lose weight. In fact, they promise to give your money back if you don’t lose at least two inches from your waist in the first month of using their product.

The popular ones include: Infinity Hoop, Activa Non-Falling Hula Hoop, Weighted Fit Loop, Weight Hoop etc.


I bought this product from Amazon after seeing all the hype on TikTok. It arrived earlier than expected, which was nice. When it came, I had to put it together, which was a bit tricky. It took about five minutes, but I had a scary moment when one of the poles almost snapped back at my face.

Also every time I tried to use it, it locked me in, and I panicked thinking it wouldn’t come off. It’s not easy to unlock, especially if you have arthritis or weak grip. I did use it a bit though, I couldn’t combine it with regular workout and so far I saw no changes in weight.

When I tried to return it, I realized I couldn’t scan the return label because of where I live, and I didn’t want to pay $9 to return it.


  1. It is easy to assemble
  2. You can easily adjust it to any shape


  1. You will need a large space to carry it out
  2. When you use it for a long time it will irritate the skin
  3. it is quite pricey
  4. May not work for everyone

Does Infinity Hula Hoops Actually Work?

Yes it works. Hula Hooping can burn as many calories as running, studies have found that using a weighted hula hoop daily for six weeks helped shrink waistlines. Another study compared people who used a hula hoop and walked a lot to those who just walked; both lost weight, but the hula hoop group also trimmed their waists. But to achieve this you will need to combine it with exercise and diet.

Customer Reviews

There are mixed reviews but mostly positive about the infinity hula hoop. We discovered some of them on Amazon, Reddit and BBB:

I got this thanks to TikTok! My daughter and I both wanted to try it out. Honestly we have only had a couple days and have used it each day for 30 minutes. There are seriously no complaints. The weight rolls smoothly through the hoop, it’s comfortable for the material used and I sweat every time I use it. I will update after a week to see if there was any loss

It’s ok I guess. The weight is so light it doesn’t feel effective. I could do the motions without the hoop, & it would feel about the same as it does with it. I’m trying to figure out how to add a little more weight to it so I will use it.

Once i got it all assembled, I went to start using it and the weight ball started coming apart at the seem and the black sand or whatever it is started coming out and now its all over my floor and the weight wont stay together. Its literally in half. Waste of money

Will I Continue Using It

Most likely. Even though I doubt I’ll use it as much as I did for this challenge, I won’t toss it out completely. I’ll keep it in my living room for those days when I can’t muster the energy for the gym but still need to move.

Where To Buy

I bought my hoop from Amazon, however it is available on Amazon, Walmart and Infinityhoop.com. The price range from $22.99 to $79.99 depending on choice and the number of orders.

What Does The Return Policy Look Like

Infinity Hula hoop runs a 30days money back guarantee if you do not like their product. It has to be sent back in its original condition you’ll either get your money back or a new one in exchange.

Why Do People Feel It’s A Scam

Some customers left negative reviews online about the company hulu hoop selling this product. Most of them said they are experiencing issues with orders and refunds, particularly from websites advertised on Instagram that may not be reputable. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily reflect on the Infinity Hoop itself, as there are individuals who do receive their hula hoops as expected.

This does not mean it’s a scam because people actually receive their Hula Hoops but do they really work. Some people say that they feel and see the difference and some just can’t use it properly because the weight just doesn’t go around the hula hoop when they try it. In my opinion it should work because it’s an exercise and it obviously has its benefits but don’t expect magic to happen. You’ll have to be a hard worker to actually transform your body.

Final Words

Finally Infinity hula hoop works but you will need to use it more frequently, maintain a healthy diet and exercise more because it is not a miracle device that can magically melt away belly fat. It may work for some people and not for others, for me I’ve always hated working out and could never create a routine but this seemed to help a bit.

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