My Unbaised Review Of Pestie Bug Pesticide

Bugs are annoying and can make us sick. With the rise of these insects, many pest controls have flooded the market one of such popular products is the Pestie Do you want to buy it? I tried this pesticide on my and here is my review after use.

What Is Pestie

Pestie makes natural flea and tick sprays for pests using cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint. The company is owned by Matt Roger who claims that the product has pro-grade pesticide concentrate as an active ingredient.

The question is, how does it work? Is it really better than other home defense sprays.

How The Pestie It Work

Pestie’s subscription plan sends you four boxes each year from They customize the pest products for your location, helping you get rid of pests and keeping them away from your home’s exterior. But just to note, they don’t cover bedbugs or termites.

My Experience Using Pestie Spray

I decided to try Pestie after reading some reviews on Youtube. At first, things seemed okay with my first order, but I wasn’t thrilled with the sprays they used. They were too short, and the mist sprayer caused back spray on me when I used it.

I patiently waited for results, but my bug problem actually got worse, especially with more spiders in my house than ever before. That was frustrating.

What really bothered me was that my subscription auto-renewed without any warning from Pestie, and it renewed early. That caught me off guard.


  1. The first order was ok
  2. It arrived on time


  1. My subscription was renewed automatically
  2. I didn’t like the fact that the spray was short

Pricing And Shipping

Pestie has three payment options: a yearly subscription which cost $136, quarterly payments totaling $156 annually, or a single pesticide application for $49. All of these options included free shipping you can get it any pest control shop near you. There’s currently a discount code available in September (TIFFANIEANNE10), this code gives customers 50% per cent off.

What You Must Know Before Ordering From

Though pestie as a product seems to work for some people it worked pretty fine to an extent on my first order however, their customer service is basically nonexistent. They sent me a $5 item but charged me a whopping $39. Sadly, their product didn’t do a thing for the spiders in my house.

Here’s the kicker: To cancel my subscription, their website told me email them. I did that, and guess what they said? Yep, go back to the website to cancel. But when I went back, there was no cancel option! So, I had to shoot them another email. It’s been a frustrating experience, to say the least.


Pestie offers an affordable DIY pest control option for common bugs like ants and cockroaches. Great for homeowners dealing with minor pest issues.

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