Blue Vibe CBD Gummies Reviews – A Scam Ripping Off Buyers

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz online about Blue Vibe CBD Gummies. Lots of news sites like Outlook India, Deccan Herrald, etc. claim it cures diabetes, dementia, and stop pain. This however is all sales gimmicks.

Our findings show that the Blue Vibe CBD Gummies is a hoax. It is not FDA approved nor produced by Dr Juan Rivera. See the consumer reports below.

First of all, lets take a close look at the product and it ingredients (you can skip that part if you like)

Overview of Blue Vibe CBD Gummies

Blue Vibe CBD Gummies is said to solve issues like stress, depression, mood swings, anxiety, pain, and other variables on the brain. The plant extracts in it is said to assist in sleeping partners and support mood.


  1. CBD
  2. Garcinia Cambogia
  3. Green Tea Extract
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Clove Extract
  6. Sugar Cane

Blue Vibe CBD Gummies Consumer Reports

I placed my order for Blue Vibe CBD from for 2 bottles at $143.39, however I was overcharged for five bottles for $238.54. When I contacted the store, I was surprisingly told that it has already been shipped (which is impossible as it was only few minutes I ordered the product)

Two weeks later, the bottles of Blue Vibe CBD arrived, all the way from China. The label on the bottles look different from what I’ve been seeing online. There was no ingredients listed on the package.

Interestingly, the pain I’ve had on my knee for some years didn’t reduce, neither did my insomnia stopped. When I contacted the store, I was told to continue taking the gummies. However, I’m scared to continue taking it due to the side effects I’ve been having.

Is The Blue Vibe CBD Gummies a Scam?

Yes, Blue Vibe CBD is a scam product. Firstly, it does not work as much as claimed. It didn’t totally ease my pain or stop my sleeplessness. Secondly, I developed serious side effects the times I took it. Thirdly, the company selling this product is dishonest. I was charged for five bottles of CBD when I only wanted to buy just two. Now I’m stuck with five bottles that I don’t want, as they refused to grant me refunds.

Blue Vibe CBD Pros: What I Like About This Gummies

  1. It has a nice taste.

Blue Vibe CBD Gummies Cons:

  1. Dubiously overcharges buyers
  2. It causes nausea
  3. Does not stop pain, nor cure diabetes or dementia
  4. The company overcharged me during my purchase
  5. The websites selling this gummies do not accept returns or refunds

Is Blue Vibe CBD Promoted By Shark Tank, Dr Juan Rivera & Dr Sanjay Guptha?

No it’s not promoted or endorsed by Shark Tank Update. We have gone through Shark Tank official website, we aw nowhere Blue Vibe CBD was mentioned nor introduced in the show. It’s also not endorsed by Dr Juan Rivera and Sanjay Guptha.

The claim has been previously debunked, and the article is one of many fake cannabis advertisements that have circulated online.


Blue Vibe CBD gummies is being promoted massively online with claims of that it can stop anxiety, depression, pain, diabetes, dementia, sleeplessness, etc. However, just like Purekana, it is a scam product that does not work.

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  1. Thank you for a real review! It seems so many “reviews” are really links to purchase bogus products! God bless you!

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