Open Hand Foundation By Jirard Khali Might Be A Charity Scam: All You Need To Know

Jirard Khali, aka “The Completionist,” is facing some heavy allegations, his charity, The Open Hand Foundation, is holding back $600,000 earmarked for dementia patients. Allegations of financial shadiness, misuse of funds, and a charity meant for a good cause was caught up in the whole mess. This article shades more light on how this charity fraud happened.

The Completionist Scam

What Is The Open Hand Foundation Scam

Gaming creator Jirard Khalil aka “The Completionist,” is facing currently some serious charity fraud allegations. His charity, The Open Hand Foundation, is accused of keeping $600,000 meant for dementia research.

On November 14, Karl Jobst, a YouTuber with a massive following, dropped a bomb of a video. He spilled the beans on Jirard’s Open Hand Foundation, accusing it of holding back big funds, like hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Now, this revelation throws shade on Jirard’s public statements where he bragged about supporting dementia research at places like UCSF. Jirard claims he only found out about this financial mess in 2022, a decade into running the “charity”!.

The Open Hand Foundation raised $600,000 but hasn’t used any of it for dementia research, their supposed mission. Here’s the evidence:

  1. Their 990-PF tax forms from 2014-2022 show $655,520 in assets by 2022.
  2. Not a single dime has been given out in grants or contributions during that time.
  3. The only expenses there are miscellaneous and of course where used by Jirard himself.

Jirard’s Claims To The Open Hand Foundation Scam Accusation

Jirard Khalil claimed he only found out in 2021 that the money hadn’t been donated. He says he’s now actively involved in the whole matter, However, people want solid proof after years of dishonesty. Jirard said pre-2014 donations were being saved up so that he can pay in large sum and his colleagues are defending him on this saying he’s a good person.

Here are the questions people are asking about his claims

  1. Jirard’s family is the only staff at the foundation.
  2. He’s claiming he didn’t know about the funds just sitting there.
  3. He even dipped into the money to fund his indie event yet he’s claiming he didn’t know about the funds.

Why It’s A Charity Fraud

Taking For Personal Use

Instead of using the funds which is supporting dementia research, he decided to use some of the money for personal purposes.

Avoiding Taxes

There are accusations that the money wasn’t distributed to dodge taxes. However, If donations were asked for under false pretenses, that’s a charity fraud.

Procrastinating on Donations

He said they were saving the funds the foundation can donate it as a large amount of money. However, delaying it for years without a sense of urgency is unethical of a charity.

Incompetence or Negligence:

The foundation was practically ran by his family members, so whether intentional or not, if the foundation lacked the know-how to handle donations properly, it’s still a form of negligence.

Demands By Concerned Individuals

  1. Where Did It Go?: Break down, year by year, where all the money went and what expenses since the foundation started.
  2. Say Sorry for Real: Offer a sincere and specific apology for the apparent false statements made about donations.
  3. Let’s Audit: Commit to yearly audits by an independent third party.
  4. Update the Facts: Make sure the foundation’s website tells the truth. Also, If there haven’t been contributions, let people know.

Charity Scams: How To Avoid Them

Stop! Refuse The Pressure: Your Space, Your Pace

If someone’s hitting you with high-pressure donation requests, it’s time to pause. Legitimate charities don’t play the pushy game. Your giving journey should be on your terms, no rush.

Crypto Cautions: Uncharted Territory For Charities

Ever heard of charities accepting cryptocurrency? Nope? That’s because they don’t! If a charity insists on crypto, it’s a red flag. Stick to the reliable payment methods the ones charities actually use.

Mission Clarity

A legit charity or fundraiser will spill the beans on their mission. They’ll share how your donation will rock the world, offer proof that it’s tax-deductible, and basically, be an open book. If they’re secretive, it’s a no-go.

Tax Charitable Numbers

When in doubt, ask for the digits! Request the registered charitable tax number from the solicitor. Also you have to confirm the charity’s deets with the Canada Revenue Agency or give them a ring at 1-800-267-2384.


The Open hand foundation is a charity fraud just like Votefab402023 has made people who backed the cause feel let down and second-guess Jirard moving forward and angry donors can even take legal action. However, If Jirard spills the beans, funnels all those donations into research like he said, and gives the foundation a good shake-up, he can have a great comeback tale.

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