Nuzzle Pillow Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit Product?

Are you thinking of buying Nuzzle Pillow from this 2022? Could this be the ideal pillow for head and neck support, or it a hoax? See this true review of Nuzzle pillow.

About Nuzzle Pillow from

It’s a kind of pillow that was launched in 2020 after appearing in Kickstarter . According to, Nuzzle pillow is the only pillow with two inner adjustable layers, these layers adapt to your sleeping position, providing you with customized support. It is a NASA inspired pillow that claims to provide ZERO-Gravity Support. It also feature thousands of Nano-Coil fibers.

If you’re one of those people who battle with neck pain, Nuzzle pillow is the option for you. It’s ideal for –

  •  Stomach Sleepers 
  •  Back sleepers 
  • Side Sleepers

Meanwhile, it’s been sold for 50% discount price at, PLUS free shipping!

Looks like an awesome product right? Don’t be in a haste to buy! Continue Reading…..

Nuzzle Pillow Complaints

We got a complaint from one of our readers. According to this person, it’s almost a year and half since he backed the product on Kickstarter but he’s yet to receive his order. When we reached out to the project page on, we realized lots of people have the same complaint.

See the screenshot below –

Nuzzle Pillow Complaint

Delayed Shipping and Delivery

Customers have left reviews online stating that their months to arrive. This was not what they were made to believe when they made the order. See what a customer has to say –

8 weeks for them to fulfill an order. How hard can it be. And their customer service is useless.


Terrible Customer Support

Another issue customers have had with is the customer support, which is nothing to write home about. Replies are often automatic.

Does Nuzzle Pillow Really Work?

There are divided reviews online about Nuzzle pillow efficiency. Some users believe it’s worth the price, others are disappointed. See reviews below –

So after waiting as long as I did, I was disappointed with the pillow. I purchased it because I have severe neck and back issues and have been searching for a pillow that can help me, for years. I commend this company for creating a product and following through on it, but the reason I committed to them was based on their video of the product. In no way was this pillow the pillow I saw in their video. It was not as thick as the video would have us believe.

Mark Banow

A few years ago, I bought a mattress and I feel like I’m floating except for my head. I wished someone would make a pillow that would do for my arthritic neck what the new mattress did for my body. They have. has done it. There is far less muscle pain. I feel stronger too. It’s a new company. It’s not surprising that they take a while to fulfill an order.

Got the pillow, but very disappointed. I really want to here others feeling about their pillows. It seems very comfortable when you just stand with it in your hands. Very soft and nice. But when you put your head on it, it becomes hard as a brick after a few seconds. Its a mystery to me on whats going on from being soft to the opposite in seconds.



From all indications, Nuzzle pillow is an ideal pillow for people suffering back and neck pain. However, it has a couple of drawbacks. Aside from delayed delivery and poor customer support, 60% of users say the pillow is not as soft as they hoped it’d be.

Have you bought or used Nuzzle Pillow? Did it work for you? Please share your reviews in the comment section!

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  1. We ordered 2 Nuzzle Pillows and never received them. It has been 2 months since we ordered them. I have sent several emails with our order number to ask where are our pillows and never got an answer. I think this can be a potential scam They don’t answer any inquires but are happy to take your order. Their customer support is does not exist. I am very disappointed, just another scam.

  2. I ordered my nuzzle pillow more than a year ago and srill haven’t got them. No communication or replies from custumer service after many times I addresed them.

    My experience is I have been scammed out of my money. They also ignore all my requests for a refund.

  3. I bought 2 of these in a deal as a package– total cost was $105.55. including $9.00 shipping. They offer 90 day guarantee return policy— but you have to pay the return shipping. The pillow was not as good as MY Pillow product, which I wanted to try it against (partly political motivation). This misadventure is going to cost me almost $20. as a try out experiment. Would not recommend this sub-standard customer service– and the produce is so-so.

  4. Firstly, I received an under-sized Nuzzle pillow smaller than a standard-size pillow.
    I contacted seller TopDogDirect customer support and showed them screenshots of the under-sized Nuzzle pillow.
    The seller shipped a PREMIUM NUZZLE PILLOW (18″ x 26″ model) replacement free of charge to make things right!
    That’s “World-class” customer service!

    Now to the review of the replacement Nuzzle pillow mentioned above.
    The best pillow I’ve ever had.
    Nuzzle pillow has excellent fluffiness, comfort, and cooling properties.
    Nuzzle pillow is truly a marvel.
    I love Nuzzle in comparison to other pillows I’ve used before.
    Resting my head on Nuzzle Pillow from the first day I received it, I have no more neck pain. It is the best pillow I had the pleasure to lay my head on. I am typically a back sleeper, but I use two inside Pillows because I sometimes sleep on my side.
    However, it doesn’t matter with Nuzzle because I wake up without neck pain.
    I have not slept so well in ages!

    In summary, it is comfy, supportive, cooling, and reshapes perfectly. Highly Recommend.

  5. I paid Nuzzle for 2 pillows and 2 pillow cases. The pillows arrived – no pillow cases. I contacted them immediately – I received an auto reply message from Christine promising follow up within 24 to 36 hours. No further response was forthcoming. I sent several follow up emails – always receiving the same auto reply from Christine. No further responses were received. I am out $33 plus tax. Based on the above comments I consider myself lucky to have received the pillows. Run – don’t walk – away from Nuzzle!

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