Neckly Neck Massager – Does It Work? Honest Review

Are you suffering from neck pain? Do you want to buy Neckly Intelligent neck massager? Read this review to find out the pros and cons of this portable neck massager.

Does Neckly really work? Is there any side effects of using it or is it totally safe? This Review answers your questions. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Neckly Neck Massager – Is It Worth Your Money?

Neckly is a portable Intelligent neck massager that uses electric pulse theory to apply to cervical vertebra. It works this way – uses consistent heat, and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. This warmly penetrates neck skin and deeply relax neck muscles, bringing instant relief and maximum comfort.

Are There Any Complaints About Neckly?

The answer to that question is Yes. Though Neckly appears to be a legitimate brand, it has some red flags. Below are the cons –

Does Not Work as Advertised

There are complaints by users that the product does a poor job of massage. According to reviews which have been left on Neckly Facebook page, Neckly is far from being an Intelligent neck massager. The claim that you only need to use it for 15 minutes daily to relieve neck and head pain is totally false.

Delayed Shipping and Delivery

Prolonged delivery of order is another major complaint. In fact, 80% of Costumers waited more than a month after placing their order before it finally arrived. This doesn’t speak good of the company.

Poor Costumer Support

The telephone number and tracking number provided by the company does not serve its purpose. Lots of users were frustrated as the only way they could communicate with the company is via email. Often times, their mails were left unanswered.

How To Use Neckly Neck Massager

  • Wet the skin with a wet towel
  • Long press the switch button for two seconds. The two beeping sounds indicates the massager is on.
  • Select the mode you prefer –  acupuncture mode, pulsation mode or massage mode.
  • Increase or decrease intensity by pressing ‘+’ or ‘-‘ on the remote control.
  • To select heating press heating symbol on the remote control and then ”+” to increase and ”-” to decrease the temperature with the highest of 42°C ( 107.6°F )

Does Neckly Neck Massager Work or is It a Scam?

Neckly is not an intelligent neck massager as claimed. 80% of users have left reviews online stating that the neck massage does not work as claimed. It in fact does a weak job of massaging. See one of such complaints below –


Neckly Neck massager does not work as claimed. Majority of users have left reviews stating that the neck massage is neither smart or intelligent. Just like HurricaneFreeze, it is just a cheaply made device that does a poor job of massaging. Even after using it for weeks, it didn’t alleviate neck pain.

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