National Debt Relief Website Class Action Lawsuit: Is It A Scam? Read This First

Did you hear about the National Debt Relief Website Class Action Lawsuit? It’s not a scam.

Gilda Vincent is suing National Debt Relief because she thinks they’re grabbing people’s IP addresses without permission, using a tracker on their web browsers.

Who Is Behind The National Debt Relief Website Class Action Lawsuit

Gilda Vincent is taking National Debt Relief to court, saying they’re breaking the rules by grabbing people’s IP addresses. She claims they put something called the Claritas TRKN Tracker on visitors’ web browsers without asking, and that’s against privacy laws in California.

Gilda Vincent is saying that National Debt Relief is using a tracker from a company called Claritas, which they pay for. This tracker apparently gathers info from visitors on their website, and Claritas claims it can help boost brand awareness and sales by analyzing that information.

How Much Is The Settlement

There is no settlement amount for now. Gilda Vincent is asking for a trial with a jury and wants a decision that declares her rights. She’s also seeking money, not just for herself but for everyone in the group who’s part of this case.

How To File A Claim

There is no claim form available right now, fill one out when it is.


Vincent v. National Debt Relief LLC, Case No. 1:24-cv-00440 is not a scam. Just like Massachusetts Grubhub Lawsuit, Gilda Vincent claims that National Debt Relief pays a company named Claritas for a tracker. This tracker collects information from people who visit their website.

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